Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello Fort Mill

Well, it's official. 

We are South Carolinians again! 

On Friday, September 7th, we sold our Atlanta home in the morning and bought our Fort Mill Home in the afternoon. To say that day, that week, that month was exhausting, exhilarating, exciting would be a complete understatement. 

 So long, Atlanta

Hello, Fort Mill!

Regardless. We are here. We are home. 

So, without further ado, a complete picture overload of our new home, the place we intend to be until our littles graduate high school. 

But wait, wait, wait. 

Let me first say that there is still a LOT left to be done. As in, many, many boxes still need unpacking. None of the walls are adorned. We still need to buy new furniture and re-finish old furniture. We also need new rugs, new bathmats, new shower curtains, new trashcans, new, well...quite a few things. My daughter's room and bathroom need re-painting. And on. And on. And on. 

But you know what? When my oh-my-Lawd-everything-needs-to-be-perfect-right-here-right-now brain is able to shut off for 0.5 seconds, I am able to remind myself that this is the fun of it. We get to make this place ours. And that will take time. So, we are slowly deciding exactly how to shape this home to make it feel like, well, home. 

Okay, okay. Now without further ado, our new home via a pictorial tour. 

First, the main floor:

 Hard to see in this pic, but there are flower boxes below several of the windows. Note to self: Need to learn to keep plants alive...

The front door and dining room, right off the entry way

 This room is still an unpacked mess...

Between the dining room and the main den is the staircase with built-in baby gates. Be still my heart!

The main den area

Another view of the main den area. Currently looking for pins on how to "style" built-in bookshelves...

Between the main den and the secondary den is the kitchen
I guess I should really learn how to cook...

View from the secondary den

The second den: Like the furniture? Obviously, still quite a bit to be done with some new purchases needed... :)
 The master bedroom...again, quite barren at this point. And yes, we'll be tossing the college-esque duvet and selecting a more adult option :)

Another not included (and that door leads to the...)

Master bath!

 Y'all? Our previous master bath could have fit in that tub. Needless to say, we're excited for the space

 I won't even discuss the love I feel over this side

The hub's side
In addition to the laundry/mud room-complete with adorable cubbies for the kiddos (which I forget to take a picture of and am too lazy to do so now)-there is also a 1/2 bath on the first floor.

 Now, let's travel upstairs: The second floor:

Banks' room

Can't wait to get his wall decor up!

Raleigh's room: One of two rooms that needs repainting (no, we will not be keeping the green/yellow walls nor tree decal)

Lucky girl: Raleigh's attached bathroom (i.e., the second of two rooms that needs thank you Pepto-Bismol pink and mermaid/seashell decals)

The (so far) neglected guest room

A (partial) view of the second guest room/man cave-again, quite a bit to do here

The hub's home office, located right off the man cave

The guest bath

And finally, the room I have dreamed of for my babies, the playroom! I cannot WAIT to re-decorate this space!

My OCPD brain is screaming to organize, organize, organize the toy closet off the playroom

The bathroom attached to the playroom

 And now, we'll head outside...

 The screened in porch

 Part of the backyard (i.e., what Banks' dreams are made of)

The outdoor fireplace, where the hub and I will share many a glass (or two...or three) of wine over the next 20 years...

 And there you have it. Home sweet home.

And trust me. I am truly feeling blessed beyond words that this is our little corner of the world.


  1. HI! I found your blog on the york county mommies board. We are in the process of moving to fort mill also.. I have a 3 year old (on weds!) and an almost 11 month old. Love reading your blog and seeing someone going through the same thing!

  2. Hi Volree! Thanks for reading. :) So cool that you are re-locating to FM, too, especially with our little ones being almost the exact same ages! I would love to meet up for a double playdate once you are here and settled. Best of luck with the move.

    P.S. LOVE your beautiful photography!!! You are so talented!

  3. Would love to meet up! Shoot me an email when you get a chance, Volree (dot) wade (at) gmail

  4. We are headed to Fort Mill next week to have some furniture delivered and tour some preschools if you have time and would like to meet up for a play date!

  5. That'd be great! What days are you coming? Which preschools are you touring? Where are you moving exactly? Sorry for all the questions. :) My son has school Monday/Wednesday and we may have playdates Tuesday and/or Thursday you could join us on. Just let me know... :)