Sunday, September 30, 2012

Party On: A Sporty 3rd Birthday

My sweet boy turned 3 (3!!!) over the weekend and the theme for his party this year was an absolute no-brainer: sports, sports, and more sports! Y'all? My little buddy loves any sport you throw at him: baseball (his favorite), golf (his other favorite), football, basketball, tennis, soccer. You name it, he loves it. He is quite the little athlete, our little Banks.

Because I am still recovering from a perfectly wonderful weekend of celebrating my favorite 3-year-old, full of family, friends, fun, and fantastic memories I will never forget, here is a photographic summary of the big 0-3 par-tay.

First up to bat (get it?), the decor:

The food table

Concessions, anyone?

Fore! Err...Three!

Empty vegetable can + cardstock = utensil holder

The beverage and favor table

Galvanized "B" tub for the bottled waters (don't worry...there were alcoholic beverages on hand for the grown ups)

Juice boxes + cardstock = easy sport drinks
Favors for the sweet little atheletes

 The loot: Cracker Jacks (of course!), balls, and whistles

Up next to the plate, the food (get it? get it?):

Foods found at your standard concession stand (e.g., corn dogs, hot dogs, sliders, etc.). Yummy! And easy!

Every good sporting event has fresh popcorn...

...And roasted peanuts

Cake balls from the AH-MAZING Dough Mommas. Seriously. Order some today. Delicious!!!

Homemade, Reese's Pieces basketball cake for the birthday boy!

Out-shining us all, the all-star himself (and his little sister):

Custom shirt, made by etsy seller Fly Duds. Personalized visor made by Momma

Athletic little sister, wearing top and skirt made by Momma

My sporty little loves

Could not be prouder to be this little boy's Momma

Our little family of four

Fun for all, come on down!:

There was a mini ball pit for the littlest guests (Raleigh needed to try it out)

A new trampoline, courtesy of Aunt Jess, Aunt Whit, and their families 

Every sporting activity imaginable

And a bounce house of course!

Rounding out the line-up, just a few of the family and friends who made the trip to the Mill to celebrate:

The Nobles, Nettles, and Luton boys


Cameron loves watching her older cousin play sports. Captivating.

Sports are fun for boys of all ages

Four generations

Raleigh even had a few friends come to the party

Teamwork at its finest to install a little something special for the bday boy

Cousin Kristen got in on the action

Back porch relaxin'

The oh-so-proud Momma and Daddy

Closing things out with the face of a little boy who loved his gift from his Momma and Daddy...

His reaction to seeing his gift...

...A big boy basketball hoop!!

It's safe to say we had an absolutely wonderful, never-forget-it kind of day. It's also safe to say the guest of honor thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

Good thing I have three months before the next (first!) birthday party arrives for our littlest family member. Celebrating the big 0-1 is always a doozy...


  1. Everything looked so adorable!! Looks like a great time was had by everyone, especially the birthday boy!!

  2. Thanks! It was really fun to see how much fun he had. A day I'll never forget...