Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In

So, I am now three weeks into my new job as a stay-at-home momma.

I have already learned so much over these three weeks, about myself as a momma, about my kiddos and their needs, and about my new life, that I will post about over time. 

For now, though, I thought I'd post a little something I like to call "Friday Family Fill-In." From time to time, I'll post about our week's activities, in order to (1) document what we do so I can re-use these activities with Raleigh when she is older, (2) share ideas with other mommas who may be looking for fresh ideas for their kiddos, and (3) use this as a forum for any other mommas who want to share fun things they do with their kiddos, 'cause I am certainly new at this stay-at-home momma gig and always looking for new activities.

Regardless of when I was working a full-time job as a pediatric neuropsychologist, or now, in my new job as a stay-at-home momma, my goal has ALWAYS been to enjoy every second I am blessed enough to have with my little buddy and little lady. That being said, I recognize that allowing for independent play and freedom of choice in what we do are extremely important,  developmentally appropriate, activities. And I certainly allow time for these things throughout the day. Actually, one of my most favorite things is to sit back and watch my little guy's imagination run wild.

However, I also aim to have a planned activity for each day as well as lots of outdoor play in the afternoons after nap time. For us, the latter is a no-brainer since my son loves being outside more than his momma loves sweets (which is a LOT).

Anywho, I thought I'd kick off this "Friday Family Fill-In" by sharing one of my favorite planned activities, one I anticipate that we'll be doing quite a bit: reading a book and then tailoring the day's activity and snack around it. 

Last week, we read The Big Red Ball and the Little White Kitten, a book Banks knows all too well and one I thought would capture Raleigh's little 8-month-old attention span. 

After our morning read, we made, what else, the big red ball:

 A little red yarn + a red plastic ball and voila 

This was followed by some freaky lookin' delicious kitten peanut butter toast:

The next day, Banks wanted to continue arts and crafts related to The Big Red Ball... book; so, we made the "squishy orange fish" from the book:

Banks doing his new, most favorite activity, cutting. Raleigh getting in on the action.


And what an easy snack that followed, Goldfish of course!

Why I thought a picture of a bowl of Goldfish was necessary is beyond me. 

Banks then requested to make the "fluttery blue butterfly" from the book:

We had so much fun! And Banks was so proud of his art projects.

One day this week, we elected to ready The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

I'll let you guess the creative creature creation that followed:

 Practicing using the glue stick

And for a snack, caterpillar kabobs. Delish!

I am loving that being a stay-at-home-momma is letting my creative, 5-year-old side come out.

Please stay tuned for the next "Friday Family Fill-In" post, coming soon...

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