Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In: Family. Time.

A little something different for this Friday Family Fill-In. In light of recent news about my beautiful friend, I have been quite reflective over the last few days. About what's important. About what I want to do in this life. And that boils down to spending what time I have on this earth with the people who mean most to me in the entire world: My Family.

I've been blessed with a good one. A hub who is my very best friend. Two children who have my heart. An amazing mother, supportive step-father, loving brother, can't-breathe-without-'em sisters, fun-loving step-siblings, and incredible, don't-know-what-I'd-do-without-'em in-laws. And also several amazing woman I am lucky enough to call my closest of friends--who are just as much a part of my family, too. Yes, I am a blessed girl.

To me, what matters most in the world, is spending time with my people. Is making memories with my people. Is making sure my people know just how much I love them and value them.

It only took 32 years (well, as of this Sunday) and the life, journey, and legacy of a beautiful friend for me to finally realize, to finally let sink in, what life is all about: Family, friendship, and fellowship.

So, my little family of four is doing just that this holiday season: Soaking up time with our people, making beautiful memories with those we love, and relishing in the magic of the Christmas season. 

Next week, I'll get back to my more typical Friday Family Fill-In post, chock full of Christmas fun with the kiddos. But for now? For now, I will continue to drown myself in family time-both of the immediate and extended kind-and celebrate the time I am lucky enough to have with my people.

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  1. fabulous pictures!!!
    and a sweet family :)
    i didn't know amy, but i'm so glad she has so many supportive people around her that love and care for her like y'all do!
    happy early birthday!!!!