Sunday, December 9, 2012

Banksisms, Part 3

Pretty much every day of the week, my hub and I look at each other and just laugh and laugh at the latest comedic phrases that come out of our Banks' mouth. Our little guy is definitely bursting in personality and attitude these days. Thus, I present the latest round of Banksisms (Parts 1 and 2):

Daddy: "Who wants a ba-ath?
Banks: "Nobody!"
(I feel ya, buddy. Baths are over-rated.)

Momma: "Banks, we're not going to have this conversation."
Banks: "We are going to have this converstation because it's fun to have a converstation."
(A male who likes to talk? Wow!)

Momma: "You are super, super, super fast, buddy. How'd you get to be so fast?
Banks: "From North America." 
('Cause we all know that's where all the speedy athletes originate from.)

Banks (After seeing Momma cutting up fruit for a Thanksgiving tray): "Mommy, you're the best cooker in the whole world!"
(I'm not sure Daddy, or the rest of the world, would agree...)


Momma: "Banks, how'd you get to be so strong?"
Banks: "I had to learn SO hard."
(Teach me, buddy. Teach me.)

Banks (while using his hands to form different shapes): "Mommy, what shape is this? I"ll give you a clue. It's a triangle."

Momma: "Banks, please don't put your bare hiney on the floor." 
Banks: "What's a bare hiney?"
Momma: "That means don't put your naked hiney on the floor."
Banks: "Only bears don't wear underwear?" 
(Oh, the literal mind of a pre-schooler...)

Daddy: "Buddy, do you want your football helmet?"
Banks: "Nah. I'm good."
(Well, excu-use me)

Momma: "Banks, don't hit your sister."
Banks: "I'm not hitting her. I'm just giving her love pats."
(Oh boy. And so it begins.)

Banks: "Are we having dinner yet?"
Momma: "Not yet."
Banks: "At 4-5-250?"
(What? Your family doesn't eat at 4-5-250?)

Can't wait to hear what comes out of that sweet, little mouth next...



  1. The Banksisms posts are my favorite!

  2. Haha! Thanks, Gina. He is his own little one-man show these days. :)