Sunday, February 24, 2013


My sister-in-law, author of the awesome Goat & Lulu blog, recently wrote a post about a few current events in her life, as inspired by another blog, Jones Design Company, and two of my other favorite blogs (Cupcakes & Running Shoes and Total Tippins Takeover) also followed suit (gotta love the social network of the blogging world). 


I thought it’d be fun to do the same; so, here we go:

Loving: The fact that my little buddy has achieved two major milestones over the last week. First, he is now completely out of diapers. While he has been toilet-trained for day for over a year, he has always worn a diaper for nighttime; however, we recently noticed that he was waking up with dry diapers. So, last week, we did away with the nighttime dipes and haven't looked back since! 

Second, my little buddy has been been a thumb-sucker since he was just shy of 4 months old. We have been (inconsistently, with, admittedly, poor effort) working on thwarting this habit for the last six months or so. Finally, last week, I bit the bullet and bought "Suck-cess" (i.e., a prescription, liquid medication that is put on the thumb at night and tastes nasty to  any sucker of thumbs). I also bought a new $3 monster truck (my boy’s current obsession) at a consignment sale as a reward should he make it through the entire night without sucking his thumb. Annnnnnd....success! See ya later, thumb-sucking. Way to go, little buddy. Now, stop growing up so fast!!

Reading: After recently finishing the life-changing book Enemies of the Heart, I was in need of a new book. After a recent conversation with one of my very best friends (Hi Mox!), I just ordered Proof of Heaven. Really, really excited about this one! 

Waiting for: My little girl to stop climbing on top of every possible object she views as an invitation to climb. Seriously. The train table. The couches. The step stool. The toilet. The ottoman. Her brother’s bed. The stairs. Every.Possible.Surface. I cannot turn my back for a split second. I am tired!

Excited about: Spring weather! I know, I know. So cliche. But I truly believe that sunshine is good for the soul. It’s also good for the ever-moving bodies of two little ones I know. Bring it on, sunshine and mild temperatures. We’re ready and waiting for you.

Trying to: Work out more. I am trying to figure out a way to work this in to my daily, or every other daily, routine. I’m thinking a little Jillian Michaels is going to have to start happening during my babes’ naptimes. Otherwise, I’ll have to re-commence my nightly runs, which first started to shed pesky extra baby pounds following my littlest one’s birth last year. At the time, they were a nice little respite and excuse for some me time. I guess those runs would have to replace my nightly glass(es) of wine. Hmm. On second thought, maybe I’ll start with the daytime Jillian Michaels plan. :)

Working on: Letting go of the ugly. Facing what is causing the ugly. Offering forgiveness. It is hard. I am working on it. Two steps forward, one step back. Working on it.  

Enjoying: Watching my little girl discover the world. It is amazing how much her language and vocabulary have exploded over the last month. She mimics everything we say, words, inflection, and all, and says new words every day. It’s awesome seeing how excited she gets to see us get so excited for her. She is also becoming quite the independent little soul-wanting to brush her teeth by herself, put her own sippy back in the fridge, and put her blanket and favorite little monkey back in her crib after naptime and bedtime. Slow down, little lady! Where’s my baby?!

Using: My new vacuum, many, many times a day, under the kitchen table and high chair.  Repeatedly. News flash: Kids are messy when they eat. News flash: I have a bit of OCPD in me and have a pet peeve about stepping on crumbs post-meal. Enter the Electrolux Ergorapido, which came highly recommended by a sweet friend. This thing rocks, and my little buddy’s new favorite chore is vacuuming for me. problem little buddy. And P.S., I’m pretty sure blogging about a vacuum seals the deal that I am officially a housewife. 

Wearing: A peacock on my head? Seriously. The great post-partum hair shed finally ended about 3 or 4 months ago. But. The end result? The top of my head constantly looks like a stuck my finger into an electrical socket thanks to the tearing and loss of only partial strands of hair. Most of which are on the top of my head. Even hairspray won’t contain these pesky porcuipine-esque quills. Nice. 

Planning: A fun, fun, fun Bachelorette party and a fun, fun, fun couples shower for my baby sister. She’s getting married!!! And I can’t wait to celebrate the happiness and love and joy of one of my most favorite people. And any excuse for a good girls weekend is a good excuse to me. 

Singing: Lullabies to my babies before bedtime. I have my own special song with each of them, which have been ours since the day they were born. My son’s? You Are My Sunshine - we used to dance to this every night before bed when he was just a tiny, new little body who would fit in the crook of my arm. Now, I sing it to him, or every once in a while, he sings it to me. Swoon. My daughter’s? Isn’t She Lovely. When I sing this to her and rock her each night, she nestles down into my arms, tucking her sweet hands between her belly and mine, and just relaxes her little body as I sway and sing. I just adore these precious moments with my babies. 

Needing: To be more patient. Sigh. 

Learning: To be more patient. Sigh.

Listening to: My little boy’s sweet voice say, “Mommy, I’m awake,” each morning. It’s just one of the sweetest parts of my day. Since the kids’ bedrooms are upstairs, and our Master is downstairs, I have their two baby monitors turned on all night. And, at 7:00 am sharp each morning (thanks to the Good Nite Light), Banks’ voice rings out and I go greet him at the top of the stairs. Never gets old. 

Wishing: And hoping and praying for really good things to happen for some really good people. Constant prayers and love and hope and faith constantly being sent their way.

Doing: A lot of packing and unpacking lately! And there will be lots more of it in the upcoming months. But. There's nothing like spending time with great friends and family, and if that means packing and unpacking over and over, so be it. 

Dreaming of: What the future will look like for our little family. But also? Enjoying the here and now. The moments that are passing too quickly. And trying to soak it all in. 

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