Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Family-Fill In: Resting Up


We are back from Disney. Actually, we've been back since Wednesday afternoon.


It was the best trip of my entire life. It exceeded every expectation I even dreamed of. It was purely magical. I will never, ever, ever forget it. I think of all the special, amazing moments, of my sweet boy's face, and my heart just smiles. So hard. There are just no words to truly describe the experience, and I'll treasure it forever. 

But y'all?

I am exhausted! Still! Part of this may have to do with putting in loooong, fun-filled days at Disney and then immediately returning home to care for both of my kiddos, solo, for five days. Ex.Haust.Ed.

Hence, I just wanted to stop in to say, I'll be back next week with photos, memories, descriptions, tips, suggestions, and all things Disney. 

For now, I am off to spend the weekend with my babes and (attempt to) rest up.

Cheers to Disney!

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