Thursday, February 28, 2013

20 (More) Little Known Facts about Doc Momma

About a month after I started this blog, I wrote a post about 20 little ol' facts about little ol' me. I thought it'd be fun to do it again. I've been wracking my brain, and here are some odds and ends about myself I thought would be fun to share:

  • When I was little, my (single, newly employed, momma of four) Momma used to save money by sneaking candy into movie theaters when she took us to see movies on the weekends (I mean, hello! Four kids, a sudden single parent, and astronomical candy prices at the local theater!). I have vivid memories of going to a gas station before the movie, picking out my candy of choice, and having my momma stash it in her purse. I totally plan to do this with my own kiddos. :)

  • When I was in fifth grade, I ran for my first student council office: Reporter (Umm...seriously? Yes. Reporter). 
  • I was the ONLY girl on my first teeball team. The only girl. My team? Energy Options (huh?). My uniform number? 20. 
  • Until we found out our little girl was actually a little girl (at 16 weeks pregnant, thanks to the 3D ultrasound I spontaneously requested at my OB/GYN appointment after insisting I couldnotwaitanothersinglesecond to know what we were having!), her name was going to be Reese. But. While staring at the ultrasound screen, and learning we were, in fact, having a girl (which I already knew after having a very strong instinct the second I saw the positive pregnancy test), I turned to my hub and said, "Her name's not Reese." I didn't know what it was going to be, but I knew she wasn't meant to be a Reese. A few days later, while driving to the beach, we decided: Raleigh (and no, she's not named after the North Carolina city). 

  • Some days (many days), I forget to put on deodorant. I blame it on taking showers at night. Maybe I should move to France? And sorry, Fort Mill friends, if I smell badly. I'll try harder. 
  • I lived in 10 different houses throughout my childhood. At one point, we moved across the street--I have memories of moving my toys and clothes across the street in a little red wagon.
  • I attempted to dye my own hair freshman year of high school, while my mom was out of town and my grandparents were babysitting. It was supposed to be red (yikes!). It turned out orange (double yikes!), with two particularly bright, fluorescent-highlighter-esque orange streaks framing my face (triple yikes!). 
  • I worry too much about what people think of me. It shouldn't (really) matter. It does. But it shouldn't. 
  • As a child, I reeeeeeally wanted to wear headgear. As in, a large and in charge retainer (ummm...what?!?). So, I would often take a slide necklace and pull it up over my two front teeth and pretend it was head gear. Winner, right here, folks. 
  • My first nephew, Chandler, was born a few weeks before my wedding. I have this beautiful memory of holding his tiny little body moments after I married my hub (his biological uncle) and being so excited that I would get to watch him grow up the rest of his life. As a result, I am very easily able to remember his age by simply remembering how many years I am married (which, admittedly, I forgot once, when put on the spot, in front of a crowd of people, including my hub. Oops.). For the record, it's almost nine years. 
  • My favorite physical feature? My eyes. They are green and yellow. I have three biological siblings, and I am the only one with green and yellow eyes, that perfectly match my momma's. My siblings all have blue eyes, that perfectly matched my dad's. 

  • My least favorite physical feature? My hair. Maybe it's because I shower at night. But. Ugh. Thin, fine, and utterly flat when I face the mirror in the mornings. But you know what? When I have that thought, that I don't like my hair, I think about my beautiful friend, and others who have battled cancer and endured chemo, and remind myself to thank my lucky stars that I am healthy and even have hair to complain about. Enter the guilt. 
  • If it's not clear by me hogging your Instagram and Facebook feeds through my photos, I love taking pictures. Especially of my children. It is my way of coping. They are growing too fast. I take pictures. Lots of them. Sorry for hogging your feed. They are growing too fast. 

  • I am at the place in my life where I realize it is the quality, not the quantity, of friendships that matter. I love my friends fiercely. And truly value those I am lucky enough to call best friends.
  • I admire my big brother, and awesome sister-in-law, so much! They have seen some really, really amazing and beautiful places, and embarked on some crazy, fun adventures, thanks to their love of, and willingness to, travel around the world for a good vacation. I think it is awesome that they do this. I love that they have a personalized map hanging in their home with pushpins of the places they have visited, as well as plan to visit, around the world. 

  • I get stuck in food ruts. As in, I will have the exact same breakfast, every single morning, for 6 months or so before switching to something different, which will then last for 6 months or so, etc. Previously, this consisted of a bagel with Nutella (mmm!!). Currently, this consists of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and honey and a side of freshly juiced juice (mmm!). 
  • I feel completely overwhelmed if I don't get on Pinterest for a few days. Oh no! What did I miss! I need to pin, pin, pin. Calm down, Linds. Everything will be okay (welcome to the random conversations that happen in my brain). 
  • One of my sisters and I are about to write a book together. It's an idea that came together about six months ago. We just need to find the time to do it. But. It's awesome! And I'm excited! As soon as I finish gathering photos for my first book.
  • I have a very vivid memory of saying my first curse word. I was in fourth grade. I whispered it to myself, under my breath, while on the playground. I then said it loud enough so that, if someone had actually been within earshot, he/she could have heard it. Such a rebel. And for the record? That word was shit. 
  • Bad grammar is such a pet peeve of mine, despite the (stylistic? purposeful?) poor grammar I elect to use on this blog. Incorrect comma usage is particularly painful for me. I once reviewed a neuropsychological book, and my review was subsequently published in a well-known journal; yet, I had a really hard time even focusing on the content of what I was reading when reviewing the book because I could not overlook the grammatical errors. This pet peeve now extends to Facebook statuses, blog posts, etc. Again, I say, calm down, Linds. Sheesh. Everything will be okay if a comma is misplaced. 

Is that 20 yet? Because I have a rather large pile of laundry in front of me that's not gonna fold itself. Until next time...


  1. Love this! And my eyes aren't blue. :)

  2. Love this! I have been trying to do a post like this, but have a terrible time trying to come up with 20 things to tell! I totally agree with the quality versus quantity of friends, and also getting anxious to pin, pin, pin if I haven't been on pinterest for a day!

    1. Amanda-You should! When I wrote the original 20 things post, I just kept a running list for a few days. This time, I sat down with one idea in my head and then the remaining 19 quickly followed in one sitting. Give it a try. It's fun!