Thursday, February 21, 2013

Banksisms, Part 4

Whew. A much lighter post to close out the week.

He's been at it again, our funny little buddy. And now, I proudly present, the latest round of Banksisms (following Parts 1, 2, and 3):

Banks: "I pledge allegiance. Let us play football. Amen."

Banks: "Mommy, can we race these planes?"
Momma: "Sure! Where should we start?"
Banks: "At the finish line."

Banks: "Are these hineys?"
Momma: "No, those are chickpeas."
Banks: "Well, they look like hineys."
(I totally agree.)

Banks: "What's picking daisies?"
Daddy: "It's so you can stretch your hammies. You know what hammies are, right?"
Banks: "Oooooh...stickers!!"
(Gotta love the attention span of a 3-year-old.)

Banks: "I'm smarter than a cow. A cow is smarter than a moose. I'm smarter than a cow and a moose."
(And that, my friends, is Philosophy 101 from a pre-schooler.)

Banks: "Mommy, when you're singin', that hurts my ears."
(Point taken, little man.)

Momma: "Banks, how much do you think you weigh?"
Banks: "Umm....two dollars."

Banks: "I drew a 'B'" 
Momma: "Great! Let me see!"
Banks: "Never mind. It's a parking lot."

Thanks for the laughs, sweet boy. Keep 'em coming... 

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