Friday, June 6, 2014

Five On Friday: Plan-free Edition

I'm back again for another Five On Friday. At least this holds me accountable for one weekly blog post. Hoping to up it to two sometime soon. :) 

For now, five random tidbits from our week:

Our Harrison has turned into a different baby this week. Not only is he much more alert and playful, he is also a happier baby ever since we saw the pediatrician last weekend. He had been REEEEEEALLY fussy and uncomfortable and seemingly in pain the entire week before (which makes for a looooong week for any momma, much less one who is also trying to keep two older kiddos entertained). My suspicions were confirmed when the doctor diagnosed him with acid reflux and prescribed Zantac over the weekend. The change occurred almost over night! Instead of crying and fussing and writhing in pain most of the day, he became a much cooler, calmer, and generally happier baby since we started him on his meds. He truly is a new man now that his tummy issues are better under control. And we've had so much fun together this week, with my sweet boy giving me all kinds of smiles and coos. But also? It's time for me to pack up his newborn clothes. He's outgrown them. And that breaks my heart just a little. I just don't want this precious boy, my last baby, to grow up too fast! 

Even though our summer is going to be pretty travel-light for us (a big change compared to our usual non-stop, out-of-town shenanigans!), there is still plenty on the books to keep us busy! Between neighborhood events, playdates, birthday parties, baby showers, camping trips, an at-home girls weekend, and a highly anticipated trip to the beach (Okay, so maybe we'll be traveling just a little this summer), things are still a'rockin' and a'rollin' in these parts. 

We are lucky to live in a neighborhood that has an amazing pool area. There are actually three pools: a baby pool/splash pad, a toddler/preschool walk-in pool complete with water slides and fun water features, and an adult lap pool. Needless to say, we spend as much time as possible at the pool during the summer. I'm proud to say I was brave enough yesterday to take all three kiddos to the pool by myself for a playdate. Even more, though, we love going as a family of 5 in the evenings, after we've eaten dinner and about 2 hours before bedtime. My hub and I will often take a small cooler of adult bevs for us and join in the poolside fun as our older two splash and swim to their hearts desire. Yes, I foresee many a night there this summer. 

I had my 6-week post-partum appointment earlier this week. It always feels so strange to see the OB/GYN monthly, and then weekly, for such a long time and then suddenly not have to go back for a year for an annual check-up. Anywho. I was given the all-clear to return to all exercise and regular activities. Yahoo! This means my dates with Jillian Michaels will soon as I can figure out when I can squeeze in my workouts. My goal is going to be to get in a run or Jillian Michaels DVD workout 3 to 4 days a week. The good news is, the DVDs are only about 20 minutes each. So. I'm hoping on those days I manage to get all three kiddos napping at the same time, I can throw in the DVD and get my toning on. We'll see how it goes...

On the calendar for this weekend? NOTHING! I love it! I'm thinking we'll be sitting poolside for a big portion of it, but otherwise, we have nothing scheduled, nothing planned, nothing to do. And I can't wait to see where the weekend takes us! There will definitely be plenty of this:

I hope yours is an awesome weekend, too! 

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