Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scenes of the Season

Joy to the world!!

We've been having a lot of fun this month, celebrating our Savior's birth and anticipating the visit of that jolly ol' soul in red. :) 

Here are some of the ways we have spent celebrating Christmas this month: 

We visited Penland Tree Farm for the third year in a row, searching for the 2015 Lu Family Tree and then watching as the two elder Luton men chopped it down: 

We did a little decorating of our home, both the outside...

...and the inside. This table is probably my favorite spot in the house during Christmas time, because I use it to house all of our previous/current Santa visit pics as well as all of the Christmas cards we have sent out over the years. Such nostalgia.

I also love walking into my kitchen these days because I get to see so many beautiful, happy families that I love displayed on Christmas cards. <3

And speaking of Christmas cards, I felt it only fair to show a little of the REAL behind the highlight REEL of our life on our Christmas card this year. Although my amazingly talented friend was somehow able to work her magic to capture some great shots of our little Lu Crew, Harrison was pretty much a mess for the duration of the shoot; so, I asked her to send me a couple of the outtakes so I could pick my favorite to include with our card. So, on the front of the card you see the REEL...

 ...and on the back, the REAL. Ha! :) 

We attended Raleigh's Christmas program, during which she pretty much pouted the entire time, refusing to sing or dance at all. Such an "independent" spirit, she is. :)

We spent a weekend in Columbia, South Carolina with my "side" of the family (aka 2 grandparents; 12 siblings/spouses; 8 children). It was chaotic and loud and crazy and, well, AWESOME. 

The following weekend, we traveled to Aiken, South Carolina, to celebrate Christmas with my hub's "side" of the family. Those who arrived on Friday spent our second year taking in the beautiful lights at the same local garden where my hub and I were married 11+ years ago. And the rest of the weekend was spent laughing and talking and opening presents and eating and drinking and having a jolly good time. 

We did lots of fun Christmas-y things, including painting pottery, visiting Santa, watching Christmas movies with special snacks, going on a family drive to see the neighborhood lights, attending several Christmas parties, having "Polar Express" and Party Days at school, having fun (grown-up!) gatherings with friends, etc. Just too much fun squeezed in one month!

And we still have plans for squeezing in a few more fun things (reindeer food! baking cookies! cocktail parties and celebrations with friends!). All in all, it has been a busy but beautiful month. <3 I hope yours has been the same! Merry Christmas (week) from our family to yours!

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