Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gold E. Locks, Year 4

Our mischievous, fun-loving little elf, Gold E. Locks (aka Goldy), returned to our family for the fourth time this year, and it was my favorite year yet! Not because of the crazy shenanigans he caused and memories he helped create but because of the absolute delight that danced across my children's faces the moment they realized each morning it was time to go find Goldy and see what he had done over night. Even Harrison loved running around looking for him, joyfully shouting, "Goldy! Goldy!" Here's what Goldy was up to this year. 

Day 1. An elf needs a place to hang out, right? Goldy kicked off the season by leaving sticker gingerbread houses for the kiddos to decorate.

Day 2. Goldy made a high-flying entrance on Day 2, arriving via elf-sized hot air balloon.

Day 3. Goldy continued his tradition of leaving a box for Banks, Raleigh, and Harrison to fill with some of their own toys to donate to children in need.

Day 4.  Goldy left stationary for the kiddos to write letters to Santa, naming three specific items they would love to receive.

Day 5. I spy with my little eye...Goldy! He had lots of fun hiding amongst his stuffed animal friends.

Day 6. Crafting time! Goldy left some fun little Christmas trees for decorating.

Day 7. Another fun family tradition: Goldy let the kiddos know they would be headed to paint pottery that afternoon, including their 2015 plate to add to the family dinnerware collection.

Day 8. Ho, Ho, Ho! Goldy informed Banks, Raleigh, and Harrison that they would be heading out for the visit with Santa that night!

Day 9. Crazy ol' elf. Looks like Goldy threw himself a little potty party! Ha!

Day 10.  Goldy's blood runneth orange! He donned a new Clemson sweatshirt to show his support for the Tigers.

Day 11. Goldy has connections. For the third year in a row, he left personalized video messages for each kiddo from Santa himself! 

Day 12.  When the family travels, so does Goldy! He made it to Columbia, where he met up with his elf cousin, Zoombie, for a little zip-lining action. 

Day 13. Goldy and Zoombie clearly got a little mischievous, writing all over their owners' wedding photos.

Day 14. Even elves need to throw down sometimes. Goldy decided to drink his syrup straight from the bottle.

Day 15. Goldy decided to take advantage of the record-breaking heat (so different from those chilly North Pole temps!) and catch some rays.

Day 16. Since it was Momma's 35th birthday, Goldy decided to enjoy his own elf-sized cake to help celebrate the day.

Day 17. Goldy brought some (freaking looking) reindeer donuts for breakfast for the kids to enjoy.

Day 18. Goldy wanted to get all fresh and so clean, clean in preparation for his weekend travels; so, he did a little shaving.  

Day 19. Goldy made it to Nana and Pop's house and brought Christmas jammies for the kiddos to wear on Christmas Eve.

Day 20.  Goldy had a great time with his elfy cousins, getting wild and crazy while swinging from the ceiling. 

Day 21. Goldy left some green, Grinch-y popcorn, promising the kids a special Monday Movie Night viewing of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

Day 22. Christmas must be getting close! Goldy left reindeer food for the kids to sprinkle in the lawn on Christmas Eve. 

Day 23. Just two days to go, and Goldy let the kiddos know that Santa would be calling that day!!! 

Day 24. As Goldy bid the Lu Crew adieu, he promised to return next year and also left supplies to make cookies for Santa, in anticipation of the Jolly Ol' Soul's arrival that night.

And with that, we sent Goldy on his way. Thank you for the joy and excitement you brought to our home, Goldy. We'll see you next year!

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