Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Moments of 2014

Without a doubt, 2014 was the hardest year of my life. It was also the happiest year of my life. Not only did my hub and I celebrate 10 years of marriage, but we welcomed the final piece of our little family into the world. There were smiles. There were tears. There were happy moments and hard moments. There was learning and change and growth. And I wouldn't change a single, solitary second. It was a beautiful year and a brutal year. Here are some of the highlights:

January is birthday month for Raleigh. We kicked off her 2nd birthday by heading to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte for an overnight stay and special family celebration. We also transitioned our Rals to a big girl bed. My Banks grew more handsome by the minute while my Baby Lu (and also, momma's belly) grew bigger by the minute. 

Highlights from February included taking Banks on a Momma date to see the circus, watching Baby Lu continue to shake, rattle, and roll in my belly, visiting my sister and family in Carrollton, Georgia, and enjoying the epic snowfall of 2014, which transformed our neighborhood into a beautiful winter wonderland. 

March was a busy one, as we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to meet our new niece, took in many a teeball game cheering on our buddy, were showered by family and friends as we awaited Baby Lu's arrival, and enjoyed our last full month before our new addition arrived.

April, Part 1
We spent the first three weeks of April as our last as a family of four: we spent lots of time outside, visited the Easter Bunny, celebrated our risen Savior, and snuck in one last date night.

April, Part 2
The last week of April involved one of the best moments of my life: The day our precious Harrison joined our family. The day our family became complete. 

The world didn't slow down as we adjusted to life as a family of 5. No siree, Bob. My step-sister was married, and we also concluded the school year, celebrated my hub's birthday, and snuck in our first post-baby date.

As summer continued, we spent a lot of time outdoors and at the pool (and Banks learned to swim!) as we attempted to get a handle on sweet Harrison's allergy and reflux issues. We had fun on Father's Day, and my hub and I also celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary, with plans for an out-of-town trip to follow a few months later.

July was spent celebrating our nation's freedom and soaking up the sun. Raleigh also attended ballet dance camp, which was a dream come true for this momma. Harrison continued to grow and so did Banks' hair, which was buzzed the month prior for a shorter summer 'do. 

We headed to our annual beach trip to Edisto Island at the start of the month. While we were there, my baby sister went into labor, which meant I got to be there for my new niece's birth! When we returned home, my hub and I both came down with a HORRIBLE pink eye virus, which almost obliterated us. But. We recovered. Harrison grew another month older. And the kiddos welcomed in college football season with a bang.

Banks and Raleigh started preschool right after Labor Day (Banks' last year; Raleigh's first). Banks began his first golf camp, and we celebrated his 5th birthday at the end of the month with a splish splash bash. Harrison was hired to model for Buy Buy Baby (with release of his photo coming sometime in 2015!), and we also headed to our first Clemson game as a family of five. 

We officially welcomed in Fall by making our third appearance at our town's Fall festival. My hub and I snuck out of town twice during the month, too, for a Clemson friendsgate extravaganza as well as a belated celebration of our 10-year anniversary in a beautiful mountain cabin in Lake Lure, North Carolina. And let's not forget Halloween with our lobster and his two chefs. 

November was full of family time: we surprised my sister by showing up in Carrollton, Georgia, the day my sweet nephew was born. We logged in additional Georgia time with more extended family fun and concluded Fall by cheering on our Tigers in a victory over the Gamecocks, celebrating Thanksgiving, and cutting down our Christmas tree.


This was definitely the busiest month of the year for us, between school events, friend activities, grown-up plans, and celebrations with family. I think it's safe to say we managed to soak in every last bit of fun throughout the month. I also think it's safe to say we are ready for a slower pace for a few weeks as we ease our way into 2015. 

And with that, I say THANK YOU, 2014, for being the best, busiest, hardest, most stressful, most tearful, most joyful, most amazing year of my entire life. You were tough. But. You were well worth it. And I wouldn't change a thing. And now, on to 2015 we go!!!

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