Friday, May 15, 2015

Five On Friday: Busy Bees Edition

Hola! I'm back with a little Five On Friday to close out the week before welcoming in the weekend with open arms!

I had a lovely Mother's Day last weekend with my little family o' five. It went a little something like this: breakfast in bed; cards, drawings, and flowers; church and brunch; uninterrupted rest time (!!); Pure Barre; take-out sushi and wine; lots of snuggles and love in between. And did I mention I was given a bell to use all day so that my hub could be at my beck and call? Yes. Please. It was a wonderful day with my beloveds. 

 Our photo snapped right after church, where a professional photog was on hand to snap family pics :)

Because we had family photos taken last night to commemorate Harrison turning the big 0-1, I wanted to give him a little trim for the occasion, seeing as how his sweet, fluffy, hair would curl over his ears in the photos. So, earlier this week, I snipped a couple of inches off around the ears and ohmygoodness, the end result was a BIG BOY. No more baby status 'round these parts. I am so, so sad to see the baby stage go :( :( but am looking forward to see what kind of little boy this sweet one becomes.  

If you've read this blog for any amount of time at all, it should come as no surprise that cooking and I just don't mix. No siree, Bob. Enter Hello Fresh! A dear friend of mine gave me a code to use so that I could try out this service, which entails a home-delivered box containing healthy, delicious recipes with all of the pre-measured ingredients included for three dinner meals.  The box arrived last night, and we'll be trying out the recipes this weekend. I can't wait to see how the meals turn out. Hopefully, I won't screw up the step-by-step recipes. Ha!

Banks and Raleigh both had field trips at the same time yesterday, but luckily, my hub was not traveling. This meant the Lu boys attended one field trip while we Lu ladies attended another. I definitely think I got the good end of the deal: while the fellas headed to Publix (yes, the grocery store?!?) with Banks' class for a full tour, including lobster petting and cooking sampling, we ladies headed to our favorite strawberry patch. Our morning included a Disney-themed hay ride, strawberry picking, strawberry donuts and slushies, and free play with tons of fun outdoor play equipment. Yep, my hub drew the short straw for that one. :) 

After a relatively calm beginning to 2015, things are ramping up as summer approaches. We'll close out the 2015 preschool year next Friday with a sweet music program and graduation and dive right into a summer filled with camps, beach trips, family visits, swim lessons, baby showers, and good ol' fashion fun 'round these parts. I'm hoping it'll be a great mix of both relaxed and busy, and I am looking forward to clocking a lot of special time with my rising kindergartener. <3 And there will be lots and lots of this:

Kudos to my hub, who took our trio to the pool one evening this week for a couple hours while I Barre-d it up! He is a brave soul, that one.

And now, we head into the weekend with big plans for a girls' movie night tonight (for me); the close of teeball season tomorrow morning followed by an afternoon of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (for my hub); and Sunday morning spent in the church nursery and the afternoon spent at a birthday party for Banks' buddy. Whew! No rest for the weary this weekend, that's for sure!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend that's as busy or relaxed as you want it to be, too! Before you head out, though, would you mind humoring me with several silent prayer requests, including individual prayers for myself and my own little family o' five; for my mother "in law"; and for several friends who are dealing with some unpleasant "stuff"? Thank you so, so much!

Have a beautiful, memory-makin' kind of weekend. :) 

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