Monday, May 11, 2015

Hold On To The Good

You know what?

Sometimes, life is hard. I have learned that, first-hand, throughout my life.

You know what else?

It is during those times that I know I need to lean on my faith and be fervent in prayer. 

It is also during those times that I find it necessary, absolutely, without a doubt necessary, to hold on tight to the good.

Right now, the good in my life is...

Personality. Big, full of life, personality

Sweet, protective big brothers

Healthy well-checks.

Evening visits from the ice cream truck

Family traditions that will become cherished childhood memories

Weekends away with friends who are family

Sibling cheerleaders during teeball games

 Swing sets at full capacity

Evening strolls with cherished people

Little boys who want to dress up like Jesus ("'cause he wears a blue thing and a white shirt, Momma")...

...and independently create a "crown of thorns" during quiet time

 Time spent with little mommas

Babies who are promoted to "big boy" carseats

Special mail for special grandmothers

An impromptu soaking by the sprinklers, while fully clothed, of course

Being pampered at "Muffins for Mom" 

Daddys who help coach excited sons' teams


 Babies with the most kissable cheeks on the planet

Date nights in a well-loved city

Breaks from princess dresses to give Ninja Turtles a whirl

Pool parties with dear friends for 35th birthday celebrations...

...and little ones who fully believe that their Daddy is a super hero

Dressing as accidental twins with your little big boy

Snuggly babies who are always ready to dish out a hug

Friends you are journey-ing through life with

Warm sunshine, pigtails, and hula hoops

And celebrating the journey of mommahood with those who made you a Momma.

Even when it's hard, life is good. So, so good.

I hope that you, too, have some good in your life you are holding onto tightly today. 



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