Thursday, May 28, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...

I thought it'd be fun to do another round of "Favorite Things" (here are Parts 1 and 2). So. Off we go! Oh, and for the record, none of these are paid endorsements. I just think they're fab and thought I'd share. :)

The Leotard Boutique. Raleigh started gymnastics a couple months ago, and it is just the sweetest thing to watch her balance, flip, jump, stretch, and somersault to her heart's content each week. It's even sweeter watching her do all that in her adorable flutter sleeve leotard. Any momma with a little girl who takes dance or gymnastics knows that with that comes the need for leotards. Enter The Leotard Boutique. Y'all? They are $15 (with $3 shipping) and come in a rainbow of colors and styles. Score! 

Reece Blair. I have posted about Reece Blair before but thought I would share their info again for a couple of reasons: (1) As many have heard by now, a family from our extended church suffered an unimaginable tragedy last week. There really are no words...However, Reece Blair, which is owned by two amazing women, wanted to help. So. They created a brand new bracelet, named after the family, and are donating ALL proceeds from the sales of the bracelet to the family. <3 (2) Reece Blair also won the 2015 Belk Southern Designer Showcase and will be sold in Belk stores starting in 2016. Hooray!!! 

Children's Bibles. One of my dear friends gifted Harrison the absolutely beautiful The Jesus Storybook Bible for his first birthday. The child-friendly language and illustrations, well, be still my heart. In addition, Banks got The Action Bible for Easter. This is an AWESOME version for boys, I can tell you that! Every day, he begs me to read him the next story. We've started this cool new routine of reading the same story from both Harrison's Bible and Banks' Bible each day, which not only allows for double exposure to the same story, but also encourages lots of great faith-based conversation on a child-friendly level. I highly recommend both versions, depending on the age/gender of your little.

Pure Barre. Three words: lift, tone, burn. If you have one in your area, or something similar (I've heard the Y offers barre classes, and I know there are other studios by different names  also offering barre-based workouts), I highly encourage it! It is the type of workout where, every.single.time, mid-workout, I swear I am never coming back. It is just too hard. And then, the second it's over, I can't wait to come back! It's the best workout I've ever had my entire life, and it is perfect for anyone out there who hopes to lift (ahem--me), tone (ahem--me), and burn (ahem--me). 

Lucky Sage Shop. Many months ago, I found this absolutely adorable online store called Lucky Sage Shop, that makes the sweetest, matching momma/daughter bracelets. I just had to have a set for my one and only little lady and me. Also, I have found that they often offer discounts if you follow them on Instagram (I scored ours for 15% off). If you could have seen the look in my daughter's eyes when I showed her our matching jewelry... <3 And she gets SO excited on special occasions when we wear our bracelets together. 

Ebates. Are you a member of yet? No? Well, why in the world not? Seriously. It is the easiest way to make free money. All you do is visit Ebates (do me a solid and click through the hyperlink I posted above, which will allow you to quickly sign up for your free, no-strings-attached account) and then click on the link of the store where you were planning to online shop anyway (e.g., Buying something from Old Navy? Instead of going directly to, go to and click on the little link for Old Navy, which will take you directly to the Old Navy website). That is IT. Seriously. No strings attached. You'll get a percentage of what you spend sent to you in a check every few months.

Boogie Boards. This was something my sweet friend introduced me to on a recent play date. Have y'all heard of Boogie Boards? Apparently, business professionals use larger versions as well, but we LOVE the smaller versions for our kiddos and use them ALL the time! It's basically a little clipboard that comes with a stylus. You can draw all over it and then push a button to erase and start over. They are perfect for car trips, restaurant waits, and practicing writing your name for the first time ever. :) 

The Amp Roller. No, I do not sell Rodan + Fields. I think I am quickly falling into the minority that don't ;) BUT I do love, love, love their products. And I mean loooooove them. They have totally transformed my skin. My latest obsession. Their amp roller. This thing is like a magic wand for fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. I can't believe I am sharing this photo, but here goes. The photo on the left is my stomach (stretch mark included) from January of this year. The photo on the right is my stomach from May of this year (so long, stretch mark). See what I mean? Magic. I know a pretty awesome lady who can hook you up, if you're interested. :) 

Eleanor Rose. Is it sad that my children's closets are fuller than mine? #yes But y'all, I just can't help it when I come across sweet, timeless, inexpensive (!) clothing like that of Eleanor Rose. Funny enough, I first discovered this online store when I saw their pull-out ad in a Land of Nod catalog. The second I looked on their website I was hooked. I bought Raleigh a sweet dress to wear in our recent family photos (which she wore again for her end-of-year music program and will wear again and again all summer!) and also a swimsuit from the adorable collection they just released. Not only is the clothing great quality, but they have amazing customer service AND shipped the items the same day I purchased. Awesome! 

A few other online shops I love and wanted to mention? 

Peek-a-whoo, who I've written about before. I am one of their brand ambassadors and have an awesome new gift set I'll be sharing soon, along with some exciting news for the company in a few weeks. 

Goat and Lulu, owned and operated by my sister "in law" and chock full of adorable children's (and recently, women's) clothing.

One Good Name, a great etsy shop to find all your printable needs. I have gotten party printables, invitations, school favor tags, etc., from this adorable shop and am always so impressed!

And a few other things I am loving that really need no explanation?

Bud Light Lime on a hot summer day; "Breaking Bad," which my hub and I are obsessively watching nightly right now; Puddle Jumpers, which continue to offer peace of mind at the pool for this momma since one of my big two is not yet an independent swimmer; Pitch Perfect 2, which some girlfriends and I saw a couple weeks ago in the theater. I haven't seen the first one but I can tell you that the second one is hilarious!; Restless by Jennie Allen, the amazing, life-altering book you must read!; and last but not least, champagne toasts to hubs who accept new job offers and will NO LONGER HAVE TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!

Cheers to some of my favorite things! 

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