Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Recent Recap

As much as I love to use my little corner of the internet as a place to share my thoughts and ideas, and maybe also provide a space for influence, growth, support, advice, and love, I also (selfishly) use my corner as my own little yearbook. It's a way I can document what the Lu crew has going on in our lives as we come and go, live and change, together as a family. So. Now, a little recap of what's been going on with my Party o' Five lately:

Banks graduated from preschool. Imagine if you will, Pomp and Circumstance playing as the most adorable 5-year-olds marched into the room, wearing their graduation caps with their hands folded in prayer. Picture these sweet kiddos, who began preschool together three years ago and stood alongside each other as they finished out the preschool program, singing their hearts out to several adorably choreographed songs. Then, envision their names being called, one by one, as they walked to the front of the stage, shook their teachers' hands, and received their diplomas. And then, picture them saying The Lord's Prayer together. If you think there was a dry eye in the room, you are nuts! It was just the sweetest thing. We ended the celebration by heading out to a special lunch with Banks' classmates. We will miss them dearly as we embark on our kindergarten adventure next year.

Raleigh concluded her first year of preschool. Another adorable music program. More precious kiddos. And saying good-bye to the 2's class. See you in the Fall, 3's!

Harrison finally decided to sprout some teeth! So far, there have been sightings of his lower two teeth, although I have a feeling more are on the way. Also, this kid no longer crawls No siree, Bob. He is a walking machine and absolutely LOVES to do whatever he can to try and make people laugh. He is such a ham!

I attempted to cook made-from-scratch meals for my family. I know. I hear the gasps from all over the world. ;) Okay, so I cheated. We had a three-day trial of free meals from Hello Fresh. The pros--every last ingredient was packaged and portioned, requiring only a little pre-cook chopping, mincing, zesting, etc. (and yes, I had to google "how to zest a lemon"); there were step-by-step, you can't mess this thing up, instructions; the meals were healthy and yummy. The cons--I still managed to mess up two of the three recipes (but luckily, they were still edible); the portions were not enough to feed our family of five; the meals were price-ier than I would like to spend, especially since there were no leftovers. Conclusion: it was nice to have three (free) meals that were different than the usuals I typically make for dinner, but we will not be making it a routine purchase.

 Coconut shrimp satay with shaved carrot and cucumber salad (Side note: I still have no idea what a satay is)

 Argentine-spiced steak with couscous salad and cilantro-scallion chimichurri

Pan-seared chicken with tomato-barley hash and charred broccoli

We created our annual Summer Bucket List. I do this every year as a fun way to make sure we are packing in lots of adventures into our summer days. I vary the list each year and display it on our communication board in our kitchen so that I can quickly reference it each morning when deciding what our day will look like. Here's a peek into what we'll be getting into this summer: 

We jumped into summer with both feet. We've already been having a great time making good ol' fashioned summer memories, including creating an outdoor obstacle course in our backyard, hitting up the pool as much as possible, and eating as many popsicles and frozen treats as possible. We <3 Summer 'round these parts!

We got into a little mischief. I have a feeling this is going to be a wild and crazy, exhausting, but oh-so-fun summer for my little Lu crew.

We attended our third annual Memorial Day pool party. This particular neighborhood pool party always proves to be a BLAST! This year, my kiddos were surprised when their Bammy and Digby showed up to party alongside us. We had a ball! The theme was Blues, Brews, and BBQ, which meant there was a band playing blues music all afternoon while there was craft beer on hand for tastings and BBQ available for eating. It was so, so fun!


We've made time with dear friends. There have been several birthday celebrations with friends of all ages, Bachelorette viewing parties with my neighborhood girls, a reunion with my three women's retreat roomies, the planting of a backyard veggie garden by my hub and Banks, grilling out with great friends, pool play dates, etc. Whew! And it's not even June! 

I have a feeling this will be one full, fun, festive few months, and I can't wait. Here's to a joy-filled, memory-makin', sun-chasin' kind of summer!

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