Friday, October 16, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: It's Back Edition

Now that the temps are finally dipping in more Fall-like weather, I thought I'd shift gears to Coffee Date Fridays, where we drink virtual coffee and share a virtual "conversation," recapping the highs, lows, and in-betweens of our weeks. If you know me, you know I'll be sipping my pumpkin-spiced coffee while we chat. :)

First I'd want to know, how are YOU? How was your week? Anything fun planned for the weekend? Anything you've been struggling with and want to talk about? Anything you want to celebrate? 

After being saturated by all things you, I'd share the following about moi:

...That, friend, I must admit that I was TERRIFIED to publish my latest Mom-ing Through Faith post. It is a scary thing to make oneself vulnerable and share such raw truths. I had butterflies when I hit "publish" and remained uncertain that it was the right thing to do all day. I had debated all weekend whether to even share that post. I should have known better. Because I cannot begin to express how deeply touched I was, not only by the love and support you showed me, both publicly and privately, after I admitted the "truth," but maybe even more so, the number of people who reached out to share their own vulnerabilities with me. It confirmed that I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful, raw, real individuals, ones who I am so proud to walk through this one beautiful, wild, and precious life with. I am so glad I was finally able to remove my "mask" and show you what lies beneath. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your love and kindness. And thank you, those of you who reached out privately, to share your truths with me. I feel honored and remember....I am a vault. My lips are sealed. Love you all so!!! And I can't wait for Monday's Mom-ing Through Faith post. :)

...Whew. That, on a different note, we are in full on Halloween mode over here in the Lu house. Like many neighborhoods, ours does the fun "You've been boo'd" activity for the kids. We were "boo'd" last week and then went and "boo'd" two of our neighbors. 

We also have our Halloween costumes ready and waiting for three eager little trick-or-treaters to wear (although I am still brainstorming a good couples costume for my hub and I to wear to an adult's only progressive Halloween party the night before. Any suggestions?). And, our Halloween/Fall decor has made it's debut! Man, I love this time of year!! 

...That Banks had his first kindergarten field trip this week, and thanks to some very sweet friends who were chaperoning (love you Christi and Natalie!), I received pictures and videos from the fun fall festivities throughout the morning. Pretty sure the kiddos had a blast!

...That I had so much fun hosting my first online R+F par-tay the other night! It was crazy and intense from my end but so, so fun! Thank you to all that purchased--I can't wait for you to see how well this stuff works and why I actually decided to jump into this nightmarish (for me) role in sales. I'm excited to share some of my own personal before/after pics soon (the befores--yikes! gulp! but as I said, I plan to be totally honest and non-BSy in this role). As always, let me know if you want to hear more from someone who pretty much hates sales and promises to be truthful and honest about this stuff.

...That the 1st Annual Fort Mill Care Center Charity Golf Tournament took place this past Monday and was a huge success. Through the hard work and teamwork of so many, almost $40,000 was raised for this awesome organization!!! A big, heartfelt thank you to all who played, participated, and supportive this charity. <3

...That my hub and I had a great time taking Banks to the (rainy! the whole time!) Clemson game last Saturday and watching them take down the Georgia Tech jackets. While I thought it would be miserable being in the rain the whole time, it was actually a lot of fun! And Raleigh and Harrison had a ball with their Bammy and Digby back at home. :) 

And with that, our coffee date would have to come to a close so we could each kick off our weekends! Thank you for joining me in our virtual chat this morning, and I'll see you back here on Monday for the next "Mom-ing Through Faith" post. Have a good one!  And GO TIGERS!!!


  1. I was debating on wether or not I'd have time to do the online party. So glad I did!! It was such a success ;)
    And I completely feel you on the whole - not a sales person - thing. I'm not.
    But some are!
    Looking forward to keeping up with you on this journey!!
    And secrets ;)
    Happy Friday, sweet friend!

    1. I am a vault, Misty. :)

      And I am so, so, SO excited for you and to be in this fun journey alongside you. Yay!!!! :)