Friday, October 23, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Three-Day Weekend Edition

Man, I love Fridays! I especially love Fridays that the kiddos have off from school, meaning we can enjoy the start of a three-day weekend and lounge and play and be unstructured for the day. Hooray! If you and I were meeting for coffee this morning, though, it'd have to be a fairly quick chat, as my hub and I are off to meet with Banks' teacher for his parent-teacher conference in a bit. Before we take off, though, I would ask about YOU. About what's new. What's old. What you want to share. I would then share a few tidbits about me and my week:

...that the kiddos and I have been logging plenty of hours outside after school this week, enjoying the gorgeous weather, playing with friends, checking things off our Fall Bucket List, and getting in a few fun Halloween activities. 

 Y'all. Bless. After we completed our Halloween Hunt, Banks insisted on then creating his own.

Harrison and his boo. <3

...that doesn't Harrison just look as happy as can be? 

Here is a perfect example of the highlight REEL. Because here is what much of the last week has looked like with him. This is the REAL:

Sadly, he is going through a bit of a "rough" phase, with some new teeth (finally) making their way through those sweet gums, a brief bout of sickness, and a temper emerging. Whew. Here's hoping for a happier rest of October for my little buster.

...that I was able to sneak away for a girlfriend dinner earlier this week and absolutely loved the company, conversation, and the amazing food! Local friends, if you haven't already, PLEASE dine at Tapas 51. Delicious!

...that my hub chaperoned our girl on her field trip to the pumpkin patch this week, and they had so much fun!


...that I am so excited about the couples costume my hub came up with for our progressive Halloween party next Friday! I'll be working hard getting it ready next week. :) 

...that nothing makes Banks happier than being on a football field. He loves every.single.minute. of it, and I know he will be so sad when his season ends in a couple short weeks.

...that, most importantly, if you have even $1 (seriously! any amount is appreciated!) please consider donating to our family's 9th Annual L.W. Rutland Thanksgiving Food Drive. We are quite a ways from our goal and appreciate absolutely any support you can provide, which will go towards providing Thanksgiving meals for those in need in the Aiken, South Carolina community. Thank you so much in advance!

And with that, I would wish you a happy Friday as we emptied our cups and went on our way to kick off the weekend! I hope you spend yours with the ones you love. See you next week!

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