Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday: Celebrations Edition

Shooey! What a (rainy!) week! Regardless, we had a great time celebrating our now 6-year-old big brother, Banks! And now, it's Friday already and time for my Friday Five. Yahoo! 

[ONE]. Love them. As if I hadn't mentioned it a time or two already, this week, my biggest boy turned 6! We had so much fun celebrating at his party the weekend before (more on that in an upcoming post). Both sets of grandparents came to town and were able to cheer on Banks in his football game Saturday morning before we headed out for his party that afternoon.

Banks' actual birthday was on Tuesday, and he awoke to some fun decorations, sprinkle-covered cinnamon rolls for breakfast (a birthday tradition 'round these parts), and some goodies to wear to school (along with his new Panthers jersey he insisted on wearing!) so that everyone would know it was his special day. <3

His daddy, little sister, little brother, and I joined him for lunch at school, bringing his favorite (Chick-Fil-A) as well as cupcakes for his classmates. 

Later that day, I picked him up from school in lieu of the typical bus ride, and on the way home, we saw a turtle trying to cross the road. We quickly pulled over and rescued the turtle and took him home to show him off to the rest of the family before setting him free. Banks loved it!

A little later, we headed to dinner at Banks' restaurant of choice ("the place with the big fish tank!") before coming home to conduct our annual taped birthday interview and blow out candles on the very special cake I made for the birthday boy (have I mentioned we are in the throws of the "Star Wars" phase?!). 


We ended the day by watching one of the six "Star Wars" movies some of his aunts, uncles, and cousins sent him as a joint gift (thank you Dame, James, Jess, TJ, Whit, and Ronald--he LOVED them!) as a family on the couch. 

All in all, I think it's safe to say the birthday boy had a blast! Happy 6th Birthday, Banks!

Poor Harrison spiked a 103 fever at dinner Tuesday night and just was not feeling well. His sweet daddy got up with him in the middle of the night to rock him and administer more medicine, and he and I did lots of cuddling and Elmo watching the following day...and the day after that. As of today, though, I am happy to report the fever finally broke and the rest of us managed to stay healthy. Praise!

It is no secret that my hub and I love our LifeGroup. Our church (as well as the church we attended when we lived in Atlanta) is a strong advocate of living out faith in circles, not rows. In other words, rather than just sitting through the sermon amongst the crowds on Sundays, having committed time with a group of people to gather with regularly and "do life" with (i.e., live in circles--get to know, love, and support each other on an intimate level, through all of life's ups and downs). Clay and I joined a couples LifeGroup two years ago this month, and it has been an amazing blessing in our lives. Through births and deaths and happiness and tragedy, we have grown so much together and have had a lot of fun doing it. In fact, just this week, five of our six girls got together to lift-tone-burn in a Pure Barre class, and it was a blast (right, Joanna?!). ;) I just love these women, and their hubbies, too!

Remember that BIG announcement I mentioned last Friday? The one I am SO EXCITED about? Well, I can't wait to share what it is!!!! But. Not yet. ;) Soon, though. Soon!!!

What a weekend this one promises to be! One of my cousins is getting married in Greenville, which means the whole fam damily is headed down tomorrow to throw down and celebrate the fun nuptials. We have family flying in from all over the States, two sitters coming to hang in the hotel halls after we put all the little ones to bed so we grown-ups can par-tay, and the Clemson/Notre Dame game will be available for viewing in the hotel bar as we celebrate the newlyweds. Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait! Congrats in advance, Kristin and Dave!!

I hope you have a joy-filled weekend, too! See you Monday for the next "Mom-ing Through Faith" post. You won't want to miss it, I promise!

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