Monday, October 3, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend...err Week, Catch-Up Edition

After a fun birthday week (Happy 7th, Bankster!), we were definitely glad to see the weekend! So glad, in fact, that I forgot to post this on Friday-ha! Here's what we've been saying CHEERS to the past two weeks:

A fun birthday for our oldest buddy. Last Thursday, Banks turned seven. Although we had his birthday party a couple weeks before that, we made sure he had an extra special day to celebrate the big 0-7. It started out with a couple of big surprises for our birthday boy. we made all of Banks' birthday wishes come true by allowing him to get the thing he's been asking for for months and months and months (and months). Ladies and gentlemen, meet his new pet, "Peeve" (#petpeeve Hahahaha!). So help me if I see that critter running through my halls. He will be making a swift exit to the backyard to find a new home. 

Next up was a Daddy/Banks breakfast date which was later followed by a Momma/Banks lunch date! 

After school, Banks came home, immediately held Peeve, and then opened aunt/uncle/grandparent gifts. Next, we had his FAVORITE meal for dinner (tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches) before heading out to his second flag football game of the season (Go Redskins!). After returning home, he was surprised by a special visit from his Bammy and Digby and then got to blow out his candles on his ice cream cake (since alas, our oven is still broken). I'm pretty sure our Bankster went to bed about as happy as he could be. Here's to a wonderful year of being seven! 


An official farewell to Atlanta. Before my little fam moved to the Mill, we lived in Atlanta for nearly a decade. During that time, we first rented an apartment, then bought a condo, and then the housing market crashed. We then bought a house (when we found out we were pregnant!) and rented out our condo so as to avoid taking a major loss. When we decided to move back to South Carolina, we were able to very quickly sell our house but opted to continue renting our condo, again to avoid a financial loss. Fast forward to three Fridays ago when we SOLD OUR CONDO. Hooray!!! It has been a major thorn in our side (and by "our," I mean my hub's, as he has handled the entire rental process over the years), and we were so happy to sell it at the right time to the right people. Whew! So now, officially, our Georgia ties have been cut.

Apple picking. Last weekend, our little family spent Saturday morning at Windy Hill Orchard in York, South Carolina, picking apples and enjoying the MOST DELICIOUS DOUGHNUTS ON THE PLANET. It was a little toasty but we ended up with loads of yummy apples and fun family memories. :)

Charity golf tournaments. I am so, so proud of my hub, who created and co-chaired a charity golf tournament last year to benefit an awesome local organization (Fort Mill Care Center) and just co-chaired the same tournament again two weeks ago. His heart for giving back to others makes me so proud to call him mine. <3

The comfort of Heaven. Last Sunday, our beloved preschool director passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Hers was an untimely death, and it has shocked our school and community. She was a woman of great faith who adored the children of her preschool and was never without the brightest and most joyful of demeanors when interacting with us and our children. So, if you have a moment, please pray for her husband, her two sons, and her unborn grandson. Please pray for all of those grieving this tremendous loss, with the only comfort being that she is without a doubt shining her bright light on the beautiful children who have already made their way to Heaven. Ms. Debbie will be so missed by so many.  

Clemson Tigers. Woohoo! What a win over the weekend for my Tigers! Although I was originally supposed to accompany my hub, my brother, and our friends to the game, I realized that I would not be getting home until 4:00 am or so after it; and had several obligations to fulfill on Sunday; so, I opted to cancel the childcare plans we had secured (thanks anyway, Bam and Digs!) and spend the day with my littles, cheering on the Tigers from afar and spending some time with friends that evening. Although I missed seeing the incredible game in person, I was definitely more functional yesterday when hanging with my LifeGroup kiddos at church, having family photos taken, and then assisting my awesome friend, Volree, during two additional photo shoots, for which she donated the funds to our adoption (have I mentioned a billion times before how incredible our loving, supportive, amazing village is? Love you, V!). 

And now, we kick off a new week! If you have a moment to spare, please say a quick prayer for my Banks, who will be having a minor surgical procedure tomorrow and will have to be put under for it. Please pray for his scared heart, his momma's nerves, the surgeon's accurate hands, and that he awakes and recovers with no complications. Thank you so much!  

Have a great week, y'all! I hope you enjoy whatever plans you have coming your way. <3

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