Thursday, January 5, 2017


You know that ray of sunshine that peeks down through the clouds
Once the storms have passed and the thunder settled down? 

You know the middle of the brownie, between the crispy sides
That ooey gooey meltiness you taste with that first bite?

You know the exaltation you feel when June's arrived
No books nor work nor bedtimes because it's summertime?

You know the fresh smell of a newborn just after being bathed
All clean and dry and cozy, those snuggles that you crave?

You are all of those and more, my dear, 
the yellow to my gray, 
the best life has to offer
the sweet part of my day. 

My lovely Raleigh Jane, you are the spice of life, and I don't know what in the world we ever did without you. Happy 5th Birthday to you, my best pal. 

With All My Heart, 



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