Thursday, January 26, 2017

Loving Lately...

I haven't written one of these posts in AGES and thought it'd be fun to write one again--from products to plans, here's a little bit of what I'm loving lately: 

Gizmo gadget. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This was recommended by a friend as a great gift idea for Banks, and we were SO excited that Santa brought it to him for Christmas! This is no ordinary watch: it has a GPS system, which means anywhere Banks goes, I can track him using an app on my phone. This has significantly decreased my parent anxiety whenever he asks to venture off around the neighborhood for playdates. It also allows for the parent to program in ten phone numbers. For Banks, this includes his parents, grandparents, and several aunts/uncles. The beauty of the calling feature is that anytime someone calls him on his watch (like me, telling him it's time to head home from a playdate) it automatically goes on speaker phone. This means that other parents who are around him can hear if I am telling him to come home, etc. It also allows for short text and voice messaging to the ten contacts programmed into the watch. So. Long story short, I HIGHLY recommend this product! (Oh, and Santa found ours on Groupon for a great deal; so, I would check there first!).

Micro mini. Speaking of Christmas gifts, Harrison received this type of scooter, which was recommended by a neighbor, and he LOVES it! It is a nice step up from the Radio Flyer we first introduced him to. This thing has great stability and rides smoothly, perfect for preschoolers!

Ikea beam and mat. And one last gift idea for anyone in search of something fun but not too pricey. Raleigh is really into gymnastics, and we knew we wanted to get her a beam and tumbling mat for her birthday but without dropping the hundreds of dollars these items typically cost. Enter IKEA. We found her beam there for $59.99 and her mat for $34.99. I will say, if she continues to pursue gymnastics, we will likely, eventually, buy up, but for now, these IKEA products are perfect for our girl!

This Is Us. Do I even need to mention this show here? I mean, if you aren't already watching I just don't understand why not! ;) The story lines are so interesting, emotional, and complex, and I look forward to watching them each week. Definitely the best new show of the season!

As a way to kick off the new year, my hub and I committed to refrain from drinking any alcohol for 30 days, which started the day after the TIGERS WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (clearly, I need to re-state that fact every chance I get). Anywho. I take absolutely zero credit for sticking to our commitment. No sirree Bobtail. I have tried to quit multiple times--I just so enjoy an adult beverage at the end of the day! But. My hub is Mr. Self-Control and has been extremely inspirational in sticking this thing out to the end. Nonetheless, I still want something fun to sip on at the end of the day. So, I am sticking it out with him. Some days, it's been hot tea. Others, it's been Becks non-alcoholic beer. But also? "Wine" and "champagne" from a line called Fre. While the reviews on the red were bad enough to keep me from purchasing it, I have tried their White Zin and this bubbly, and both are not bad at all!

Mild winter weather. Yes, I am DEFINITELY loving the mild winter we have been having this year. Although I love a good snow day, one is enough for me. Otherwise, I'll take 70 degrees and sunny anytime! When these days hit, we take full advantage, enjoying ice cream treats outside and playing under the sun as much as we can!

NOT planning a party. Now, don't get me wrong: I love throwing parties...well, kids' parties. But for me, they tend to be a bit time-consuming. So, this time of year is nice, when I have a few months between my kiddos' birthdays to enjoy NOT planning a party. :)

Baking. After my Christmas break from baking, my kitchen has been up and running again, all in the name of adoption fundraising. I've had a few fun orders lately and have several more planned for the month of February. Even more exciting? I will be baking cookies as part of an upcoming photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Eeek!!! I am so excited to see a little #docmommabakes action in print! Stay tuned... :) Meanwhile, here are a few shots of some recent orders:

Deer head silhouettes on wood paneling for a baby shower:

Gymnast silhouettes for my girl's 5th birthday party

Nail polish bottles and sprinkled 4s for a cutie's spa party

Comparison Trap. I just cannot tell y'all enough how much I am loving, and learning from, my women's online devotional group, based on the book Comparison Trap by Sandra Stanley. It has just been so incredibly inspiring to see so many women come together to authentically share their truths and their struggles and then gain support from so many. I love it so much! Even if you opted out of participating in the group, I still could not recommend the book any more highly. It is a quick read each day (maybe 60 seconds?), for 28 days, and it will absolutely change you, in the best possible way, I promise. <3

Lash Boost. Yes, I am an R+F consultant (who isn't these days?! ;). No, I won't take over your social media feeds with my ads. Yes, I will URGE you to give Lash Boost a try (preferably through yours truly--to help fund our adoption). No, I don't endorse all R+F products. Yes, this is one that actually, truly works...and I mean WORKS (I cannot tell you how many people have commented on my lashes since I began using it!). No, this isn't the result of using expensive mascara. I have been using buy-in-the-grocery-store mascara and these are the results (with the SAME mascara shown in the pics). Let me know if you want to give it a whirl!

And another "after" photo. 

Making fun plans with friends. Eeeek!!! I am so excited for the next few months! I have a super fun girls trip coming up in just two short weeks--hip, hip, hooray!!! And we also have several couple-friend trips coming up at the start of the summer. Although I love me some family time, I love me some friend time and NEED me some friend time, too; so, I cannot wait for all these fun plans! Bring.It.On.

Friday nights on the couch. Sunday nights on the couch. Weekends are my happy place. And my favorite weekends are those that start on Friday nights, with my hub and I side-by-side on the couch as we watch Shark Tank or Dateline and fall asleep 20 minutes in-ha! And then, our weekends always, ALWAYS end with the five of us crowded on to our tiny, two-seater couch, watching America's Funniest Videos. Just the BEST.

Whelp. That's all she wrote! Oh, wait. I am also loving that we are just one day away from the weekend. TGIalmostF, y'all! Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

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