Monday, January 16, 2017

Flipping Into Five! : Raleigh's Gymnastics Party

We capped off our celebration of our sweet girl turning one-whole-hand over the weekend, and boy did we have fun! Because Raleigh is so into gymnastics right now, it was a no-brainer to have her party at the place she takes gymnastics, and we were so excited that all 11 of her sweet guests were able to join her. Here, a recap of our 5-year-old's birthday party fun!

First up, the birthday girl!

I designed this leotard and asked Kristen, of Kas Dance Customs on etsy to create it for my girl. Y'all. If you are looking for a custom leotard, this is the place to go! Kristen was so, so kind and so easy to work with and didn't hesitate to make the design come to life (and it is now available in her etsy store, in a variety of colors)! 

Next up, the party details! 

The invitation. My friend Amy of One Good Name (another awesome etsy store!) designed the invitation, and I just loved how cute it turned out (It was a front/back invitation): 

The decor. Although I love throwing kids parties, I don't love spending tons of money on them; so, I save where I can by re-purposing things I already have and creating printables and cutouts with my trusty Silhouette. Because Raleigh's favorite color is pink, we used it everywhere in her decor! For the main table, I incorporated lots of shades of pinks in lots of different patterns for the table runner, placemats, centerpieces, mason jar cups, straws, plates, and napkins. 

I also cut out a couple of gymnast silhouettes (which were used in several others places throughout the party) and used them to top a couple of simple flower arrangements.

The food. Because the party was from 2:00 to 3:30, and the girls would be playing their hearts out for most of that time, I kept the menu simple: sweets!, in the form of cookies and cupcakes. I've been doing so much baking for so many others as part of our adoption fundraising efforts, so it was fun to get to bake cupcakes and cookies for our own use!

The favors. In keeping with the gymnastics theme, each girl was given a medal cookie and a ribbon wand. Both were big hits with the sweet girls!

The fun! The girls had an hour to run wild all over the gym--from the beam to the bars, from the trampoline to the pit, they didn't stop moving the entire time!

After their hour of showing off their best gymnastic tricks, we came into the party room for cookies, cupcakes, and pink lemonade...and a couple of group photo opportunities, of course. 

And that was that! We had so much fun that Raleigh didn't even have time to open her gifts during the party. Luckily, we were joined at home by Banks (who missed the party as a result of having a basketball game at the same time) who was able to partake in helping Rals with her gifts. And then they played the rest of the day with her fun new toys

We sure had fun celebrating our girl and can't wait to see what this year brings for her. Happy 5th Birthday, sweet Raleigh Jane! 

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