Friday, January 6, 2017

Raleigh Turns Five

With the return to school and routine and Raleigh's birthday and her impending party and preparing to head to Tampa for the Natty (Go Tigers!) and LifeGroup and starting a new online devotional and adoption fundraising baking and a potentially scary trip to urgent care and well, LIFE, things have been a smidge busy this week. But to me? Birthdays are a BIG deal. So we put all the craziness aside to focus on our girl for the day, making sure she felt so special and celebrating the fact that she turned one whole hand! 

And because this lil' internet space is also my online family scrapbook, I wanted to make sure I documented what we did on Raleigh's actual birthday (with more 5-year-old fun coming next Saturday when we celebrate with her party!). So. Here's how we celebrated our 5-year-old Raleigh Jane on her golden birthday (turning 5 on the 5th): 

As always, Rals woke up to decorations on her door before heading downstairs to see her gifts from us. Because she is currently gymnastics obsessed, we got her a mat and beam (thank you, IKEA!) and a new custom leotard (more on that soon!). We also got her and her American Girl doll matching outfits (knowing I'd be surprising her with a special lunch that day) as well as a teacup to add to the eclectic collection I started for her on her second birthday (so that she will have a full, fun, whimsical set by the time she leaves our nest) :

Then, she was whisked away by her Daddy for their special birthday breakfast, which has become a tradition. Her choice? Dunkin Donuts. Which was perfect because she was able to then take donut holes to school to celebrate the big 0-5 with her sweet friends. 

Next, I picked her up from school and we headed straight to lunch at the American Girl Cafe. We did the same thing two years ago, and y'all, good Lord is it precious. They have highchairs and cups and plates for the dolls, adorable hair ties used as napkin rings (that of course, you get to take home!), a fun questions game at the table, and really yummy food!

After we ate, my girl was able to shop 'til she dropped, as one  of her aunts/uncles and one set of grandparents gifted her with gift cards to the American Girl Store. It was so fun seeing what she chose after perusing the whole store (a new kitty with leash, collar, and bed so that she/her doll, Riley, could take good care of it at home as well as a cell phone for her doll). :) 

We then headed home where she was spoiled with gifts from her aunts/uncles and other set of grandparents. We spent a couple of hours playing with her new toys...

....before enjoying her dinner request, pancakes and sprinkles! She then blew out the candles on her momma-made cake after being serenaded, of course! We ended the day by watching a movie as a family...her choice, Mulan. Then, we tucked in our 5-year-old and called it day. 

In her words, it was the "best day ever," so we will count that as a win as we anticipate her birthday party next weekend. Yes, we are in birthday overload over here and loving it! But for now? Momma needs a nap! ;) Happy 5th Birthday, Raleigh Jane. We hope you felt as special as you are, baby girl.

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