Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 Spring Break Recap

The ONLY reason I am glad to see Spring Break come to a close is because it means we are that much closer to summer break...29 school days, to be exact. But I truly soaked up our nine days off from our regular routine, making the most of all the unstructured time with my little Lus. We took a couple of short trips and had a fun staycation in between. Here, a look at what we did during SB2K17: 

Day 1: We were off and running, well driving, actually, as the first day of Spring Break arrived. We headed to Charleston for a long weekend with family. Three of my siblings live in Charleston, and another sibling was visiting there as her Spring Break came to a close, so we were able to all get together (along with my parents!) for some BLOMPS fun! We were just missing one sib. :( But regardless, we had a great time! The first afternoon, we headed out to Charles Towne Landing, which is a beautiful, historic state park. We let the 10 kids loose while enjoying the natural habitat zoo, exploring a replica sailing ship, and just generally running wild. :) It was really fun, and we ended the day with takeout at my (step)brother's house before we all parted ways for the night. 

Day 2: Because four of the dads were golfing this day, we moms decided to do a little picnic at the beach that afternoon. Before that, though, my trio and their sweet cousin loaded up for a fun golf cart ride and morning at the coolest neighborhood park.

After naps, it was beach time! Even though it was not exactly blazing hot, and was actually pretty windy, it didn't stop the kids from immediately running full-speed into the ocean, where they splashed and jumped until finally realizing it was *chilly* and requested to change into their spare clothes. Then, they played in the sand while we mommas enjoyed a little wine and apps. Finally, we headed back to my brother's for a cookout before calling it a day. 

Day 3: My #LuCrew headed home on this day so that my hub could get back to work. The kiddos and I made the most of our first day back, hitting up a really cute putt-putt place right here in the Mill! It was really fun! Two of the four of us got holes-in-one (not me). One of the four of us hit our ball in the water and had to borrow her son's ball for the remainder of the round (me). Ha!


Day 4: We deemed this water play day since it was sunny and a glorious 80 degrees! But first, cupcakes! I took the kiddos to our favorite local cupcake shop where I let them have cupcakes...for lunch. :) 

Later on, I let them play in our little inflatable pool and water table for hours, allowing me to lounge nearby and catch some rays. Win-win! 

That night, my hub and I headed out for a date night. There is this AWESOME town center that is being constructed just a few miles from where we live. It is going to house retail, restaurant, and residential spaces, and we are so excited about it all! It just so happened that the first restaurant opened on this night; so, my hub and I made our way over for the opening. We were able to dine outside, with really pretty water views directly behind us and the loveliest evening temperatures. The drinks were good, the food was tasty, and the company was divine. :) 

Day 5: We had a few to-dos to check off this day, including haircuts for the boys at our favorite children's salon and Easter prep in the form of egg dyeing. Fun for all ages! 

We also wanted to continue to take advantage of the glorious weather, so we headed right outside of our neighborhood to our Springs Farm Market for some homemade strawberry ice cream. Yum!  Then, we headed home for a little 5:00 pm run through the sprinklers. 

Days 6 and 7: It was time to hit the road again, only this time we headed to our Nana and Pop's in Aiken, South Carolina. Every year, my father "in law," my hub, and my Banks go fishing, which is Pop's passion. He has some lake property, and a big, shiny, new camper; so, the guys were pumped to spend two nights there, fishing to their heart's content. It is SUCH a special tradition with wonderful memories being made with Pop, doing what he loves best! 

Meanwhile, Raleigh, Harrison, and I arrived to stay with Nana while the boys were off on their fishing adventure. We had lots of fun, which included visiting an adorable splash pad, dyeing Easter eggs with cousins, and having cousin Easter egg hunts. :)

Day 8: The boys arrived back to Aiken this day, and our little Lu Crew headed back home late afternoon. Luckily, we didn't miss the Easter bunny, who visited while the kiddos were sleeping to fill their baskets and hide their eggs.  

Day 9: The last day of Spring Break meant that EASTER HAD ARRIVED. He has risen!! The kiddos awoke to find their baskets and then beelined to the backyward for the egg hunt. Some were happier than others about this. :) 

We then enjoyed our traditional daddy-made Sunday breakfast, put on our Easter gear, and headed to our beloved church for an awesome Easter service. It was just lovely. We enjoyed a non-traditional Easter meal of fried chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes and gravy. What...that's not what the rest of all you good ol' Southerners eat for Easter lunch? ;) For us, it was imperfectly perfect. :) We spent the afternoon playing outside and closed out the day with our Sunday family viewing of AFV, which actually turned into watching this amazing Disney Nature program (a precursor to a movie coming out called Born in China (!!!!) ;) as AFV wasn't on. Finally, we hit the sack to get ready for reality bright and early. Bleh! ;)

All in all, it was a fantastic week spent with the ones we love. Thanks for the memories, Spring Break 2017! <3 Next stop, summer break!

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