Friday, April 21, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, TGIF Edition


Between baseball games and practices, gymnastics x2, school volunteering, kindergarten registration, two adoption fundraising cookie orders, an in-school field trip, a Wacky Wednesday theme day, playdates, preschool graduation pictures, a tennis match, Pure Barre, a husband who was out of town from Tuesday morning until Friday night, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and, oh yeah, LIFE, well, let's just say I'm thrilled it's the weekend. I could definitely use one of these, even if that meant foregoing a perfectly comfortable bed and crashing in a chair (but only after trashing my room, of course ;) :

A quick list of things I'm saying CHEERS to this week/end: 
Kindergarten registration. My sweet Raleigh Jane is all signed up and ready to go to kindergarten, as of yesterday. I swear it was last week that I was registering Banks for kindergarten and now Rals will be joining him at FMES. I was so, SO proud of my little lady yesterday. While she tends to be initially shy, she was so sweet and warm to everyone she met and absolutely rocked her assessment. Way to go, Raleigh! Next stop, kindergarten!

Fun preschool days. This week, Harrison had an in-school field trip (a reptile exhibit featuring Mr. Miller the turtle and Cornelius the snake) and Raleigh had Wacky Wednesday the same day. They were so excited!

A kid who looooooves to read. It makes my momma heart sooooo happy to see the love my Banks has for reading! If the kid isn't outside playing a sport, you will absolutely find him reading. He is flying through books these days, and it is so fun to watch! He even reads in line while waiting for the bus (as shown in the pic his sweet teacher posted in the class journal app)


25 more school days until summer break!. 'Nuff said.

Cookie orders. I had two cookie orders for this weekend, one of which I finished up yesterday and the other of which will be finished today. Whew! Even though it is time consuming, I love knowing that each cookie is bringing us funds to bring our daughter home from China AND that the cookies are for such special celebrations in my customer's lives. Here, an order for sweet boy's 1st birthday party this weekend: 

And that's all I've got in me for today! My hub should be arriving back from Vegas shortly before 9:00 pm, and you will find us vegged out on our couch (probably asleep ;) ) for the night, if you're looking for us. Tomorrow will be a morning of soccer games and baseball practices, with the rest of the weekend wide open for whatever we see fit. Hooray! 

Y'all have a great one, and I'll be back on Tuesday with a *special* post. :)  

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