Friday, April 7, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Spring Break Edition

I have been waiting for this day, this particular Friday, for weeks and weeks and weeks. I feel like I just rolled into a gas station on fumes; like I have been crawling, on hands and knees, through quicksand, to make it here. And now, it has arrived. You see, as of 2:25 pm, we are finally, officially, on Spring Break!!!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!!!

So. I thought a little CHEERSing was in order for what's been happening over the last week. Let's see...we are saying CHEERS to...

Planned family visits. Last weekend, one of my sisters and her crew got in Friday night with a special mission planned for Saturday--one that I cannot yet share. ;) Regardless, I got to sneak in some sister time and some niece and nephew snuggle time, and I loved every minute!

First soccer games. Also, last Saturday, we had fun watching Raleigh and Harrison take the field in their first ever soccer game. As expected, it was chaotic entertainment, but Rals ended up scoring one of the two goals, and it was really fun to watch! Can't wait 'til their next game after Spring Break. Go Super Gekkos!  

Baby showers. And also last Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower for a dear friend who is expecting baby boy #3 later this month. It was a lovely time, and it was really fun to create the favors for the coffee-themed shower as they anticipate their new "little bean." ;) 

Strawberry patch visits. And also last Saturday (we were quite busy that day!), I took my trio to the strawberry patch, which is conveniently located directly across from our neighborhood, for our first berry pickin' of the season. Although my hub wasn't able to join us as he was volunteering at a local event, we picked nearly 8 pounds worth of strawberries in his absence. :) 

Theme days. Banks has had theme days all this week as part of a Diabetes fundraiser his school is doing. I think crazy hair day was his favorite!

Surprise family visits. Earlier this week, my parents drove up to the Mill for the evening to surprise Banks at his baseball game. He was SO excited to see them. And then, his next at-bat, he hit his first homerun of the season!!! It was awesome, and we were going nuts as he rounded those bases! :) 

Pediatric dental visits. Okay, I'm not saying cheers that we had this visit for my trio earlier this week, as I am not what you would call a fan of any dental visit #dentalphobia, but I am saying cheers that it's over and done with! And that I have three cavity-free kids! And that Harrison freaking rocked his first ever appointment, walking back like he owned the place, not even waiting for me to join him! And then, on the way home, he fell asleep holding his new toothbrush. :)

Preschool Easter parties. Raleigh and Harrison both got to enjoy egg hunts and parties at preschool this week, and they loved wearing their Sunday best for the occasions. :)

And that's all I've got in me for now!  

We've got some fun things planned for this next week, and I can't wait to share our adventures on here after we are rested and recuperated. For now, I'll be taking a little leave of absence from the ol' blog next so that I can truly focus on my family and all that the week has in store. Be back soon, though! Y'all have a great week/end, and HAPPY EASTER!!!!

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