Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scraps of Paper

I have these scraps of paper, that are stored and hung and posted all over my house. They are like these sweet reminders every time I come across one of them. Reminders that childhood is fleeting, that children are such precious, innocent beings, and that I am richer than I deserve because of these little beings in my life. 

Here, some of my favorite scraps of paper: 

This one, written by Banks a couple years ago, just makes me laugh every time I see it; so, it is displayed prominently on the cork board in our kitchen

"To Raleigh, Stop getting on my nerves."

Rals, ever the artist, loves making creations for her Daddy and me, and then hanging them where she sees fit. This one is hung directly over our bed:

This one, a sweet drawing by my Banks, gifted to me on Valentine's Day. I keep it on top of a pile of papers in my bedside table, and it makes me smile every time I open that drawer:

My Banks has such a tender heart. He is always very generous with his hugs and kind words. This one, he wrote for ol' Mom (and signed it from him AND his little sister), and I will keep it forever:

"Dear Mom, I love you with all my heart, and I know that you love me with all your heart. I love you. I could never stop loving you!!! You are the best mom, and I can't do anything without you. Xoxoxoxox, Love Banks and Raleigh"

He always has kind words for his Daddy, too. Here, one of many notes he has written and left around the house for his Daddy to find: 

Lest we forget, however, that he is a young boy who has a little sister, who can get on his ever-loving nerves sometimes, there is this gem that he hung on his door last year: 

 "No girls can come in my room."

But Banks also does very sweet things for his younger siblings. One day, he left the following note for them to find when they woke up that morning (while he was at school), which was accompanied by little gifts he had wrapped and left along with it (and Harrison had been sick, hence the vomit reference:) : 

"Dear Raleigh and Harrison: Harrison, I hope you don't throw up. Raleigh, have a great day at school."

Raleigh is entering the fun stage where she is really trying to start writing and leaving her own sweet notes. This one, she left on my bedside table recently:

"You are the best mom ever."

And this one, she left on her Daddy's desk just yesterday:

 "Dad, I really missed you when you went on a trip. Dad Richard Luton"

Finally, this one, my all-time favorite that Banks has EVER created. It is a song he wrote (and then went on to perform once I asked him about it) :

"God my Savior. I love you. Take my sins away. Fill my heart with love and joy, joy and love. I love you. You love me. You love me. I'll never run away from you. You never leave my heart. I'm so glad I have you..."

"You brought me to life. You're the best Dad ever. I want you to know how I love you. Please give me a happy life. You gave me my toys. You gave me my pet. You gave me a nice, comfy bed. Thank you so much for my life. I owe it all to you."

Oh my heart. See what I mean? So much richer than I deserve. My favorite scraps of paper, that I will cherish forever. <3

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