Friday, June 23, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Camp Week Edition

Hey y'all! Happy Friday to you! We were equal parts busy and equal parts lazy this week, in large part due to the not-so-nice weather over the last four days. Regardless, it was a good week for my Lu Crew. Here's what we are saying CHEERS to this week/end:

Father's Day golf tourney. As I mentioned last week, my hub played in a neighborhood Father's Day golf tournament last Saturday. He actually created it four years ago, which, at the time, involved somewhere between 12 and 16 guys. Now, four years later, it has grown to 100 dads! My hub, and our friend, Jason, worked incredibly hard together to make it a success and judging by the post-tourney talk around the pool, I'd say they achieved just that! Teams were assigned based on handicap, which meant dads were often playing with new dad friends. There were competitions and challenges throughout the tourney (for example, one hole had this special rifle that actually fired a golf ball through the air and to the hole. Golfers could pay $20 to shoot it, with all funds going straight to charity), and in the end, the winning teams were awarded incredible prizes (think beautifully engraved decanters and bourbon glasses; Artic coolers; etc.). It was awesome!

Meanwhile, three of my girlfriends and I, along with our kiddos, set up a (free!) hot dog stand for the dads at one of the holes. There were hot dogs, fixins', chips, and coolers of adult beverages waiting nearby. My friends' daughters made the most adorable signs for the dads, too! For four hours, two of us made fresh hot dogs and continually brought them down to the stand while two of us (along with the kiddos) were ready to hand out the goods to the dads. It was a blast, and I know we'll be doing the same thing next year! 


Father's Day fun. The next day was actual Father's Day, and we had fun celebrating our favorite daddy. From Waffle House in bed (his favorite!) to Jersey Mike's for lunch, from poolside fun with friends to our Sunday night viewing of AFV, we had a blast and also made sure to have all of Daddy's favorite eats and treats on hand for him to enjoy. :) 


Camp week. This was the week. The ONE week this summer that I managed to get all three kiddos into camps at the same time-ha! Banks participated in an ultimate sports camp (shocking I know ;)) while Raleigh and Harrison participated together in a music adventure camp. They had so much fun during the 9:00-12:00 timeframe they were there each day, and I was able to get.stuff.done. and also have some fun! Aldi, Costco, and Target trips, every load of laundry complete, adoption paperwork done, etc., as well as getting to play tennis and hit up barre. It was a great week for all!

Farewell PB. Over the last two and a half years, I have completed 367 classes at Pure Barre. While every single class was HARD, I cannot say enough about the amazing workouts, kind instructors, and supportive PB community. However, Wednesday was my last Pure Barre class. While I will be very sad to not see all the friendly faces 4-5 times a week, I will always look back on my time there fondly and will always highly recommend Pure Barre to any and everyone I meet! Thanks for the friendships and the LTBing, Pure Barre Fort Mill. <3

Big boy bed. As we prepare for Bella's arrival (eeeeek!!!), we've been making some changes around our house (as you do when you are due with a new little one :)). One of these changes means that Bella will inherit the crib/toddler bed all of my kiddos have used. This means that Harrison was due for a "big boy bed," which arrived and was moved into his room this week. Safe to say, our little big brother was PUMPED about his new sleeping spot. :) And I'll have more on Bella's room in the  next couple weeks! :) 

And with that, we will dive headfirst into the weekend! I'll be taking a little break from the ol' blog next week but will be back soon after with adoption updates, a bedroom reveal, and a recap of our latest summer adventures. :) Have a GREAT weekend, friends! See you again soon! 

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