Monday, June 12, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Post Weekend Edition ;)

I'm writing our CHEERS post today, as opposed to last Friday, as we were out of town last Thursday through Sunday, and I wasn't able to get my ducks in a row and get a post out before we left. That being said, here's what we are saying CHEERS to as we kick off this lovely June week: 

Weekends away with fun friends. We just returned from a three-day weekend away with some super fun, super awesome friends. Our friend, Ryan, turned the big 4-0 recently, and his amazing wife, Tara, planned the BEST weekend away to celebrate. Us, them, and four other couples headed to Reynold's Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia. We rented a GORGEOUS house right on the lake and spent the three days on a boat in the lake at our *favorite* new cove ;), lounging (and attempting synchronized jumps) in the beautiful lake-overlooking-pool,  paddle-boarding, playing game after game after game, enjoying delicious meals and yummy adult bevs, listening to the best music all weekend, and laughing 'til we cried. It was just AWESOME!!! I cannot thank our sweet friends enough for hosting such a fantastic and memorable weekend. They spoiled us from beginning to end, and it was definitely one for the books. In fact, come Sunday morning, as we drove away, we all agreed we could not have had more fun if we tried. Happy 40th, Ryan!!! Who's ready to go back ASAP?!

Half of our 12-person crew

The gorgeous view from the top deck
 The sweetest welcoming gifts!
A weekend away is just what the doctor ordered!

Prepping for China. As we await our latest paperwork to be approved (all prayers always appreciated!), I am starting to slowly acquire some of the things my hub and I will need for our trip to China. When we finally get Bella in our arms, she will have nothing but the clothes on her back. This means that we will be packing diapers and wipes and disposable spoons and bowls and changing pads and bottles and baby food and formula and clothes and medicines and a baby carrier and toys and on and on and ON. Not to mention the many things Clay and I will need to try and successfully and respectfully navigate an entirely different culture. I honestly think it will take me WEEKS to pack. So. I am doing little bits here and there to try and help ease the stress of traveling to the other side of the world for two weeks, prepping to leave our little Lu Crew trio behind (likely, right as school begins), and, oh yeah, doing everything I can to ensure our new daughter knows she is absolutely adored, even as she grieves what she will be leaving behind. So, yeah. I am doing what I can now. :) 

Tennis. Tennis is just so fun and you don't even realize you're getting in some good exercise while you play! But. It is harder for me to hit the courts during the summer, when I have three sweet companions at pretty much all times. So. I am getting them into the tennis spirit with me! Whether it be in our driveway or on our actual courts, we've been having a lot of fun hitting the ball around lately!

Flag football. Yep, we are diving into summer sports this week! Banks will be attending his second year at a 4-day flag football camp at our high school, starting bright and early this morning. And then, tonight, he has evaluations for his 9 and under summer flag football season. He is so excited...and so am I! I love seeing this kiddo do what he loves most! 

Pool days. If you know our fam, you know that we looooove hitting up our 'hood pool in the summer. So, no surprise that we were there several days last week...and will be again this week! Especially with Banks having flag football camp this week, I know he will love to cool down with a few dips in the pool!

And that's it for now. If you have a minute, I have a couple of silent prayer requests. Please just say some prayers for several different people who we love and are facing some difficult trials right now. And of course, we always, always, ALWAYS appreciate your prayers for our Bella - that she is being loved and well-cared for until we can get to her, that she is in good health and making great developmental gains, that there are no medical issues of which we are not yet aware, that our adjustment and transition in the months to come go smoothly and seamlessly, and that Jesus is wrapping her in His arms and keeping her safe until we can do the same! Thanks y'all! Have a great week!

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