Monday, June 19, 2017

Isms, Part 24

I haven't written one of these in almost a year and a half! So, I figured it was time for a little comic relief 'round these parts. I now, present Part 24 (!!! Wow! I've written 24 of these posts! Time to create my little coffee table book) of my little Lu's Isms: 

(Every single time Raleigh sneezes...)
Raleigh: I blessed!
And I will never, ever correct her when she says this. :) 

(Every single time Harrison has a sore throat...) 
Harrison: Mom, I have a fwoat.  
I have a "fwoat," too. Guess he has a sore one.

Banks: Mom, I thought we are going to take a shortcut!
Momma: We did, honey.
Banks: No we didn't. This is the long cut!
Oh, Bankster. #facepalm

Banks: I wish our last name was Danger. Banks Danger.
Momma Danger. I like it!

Harrison: I love buses, and I love quinoa, too.
Random, but noted, bud. Noted.

Banks: Mom, what's the best time to go fishing?
Momma: You'd have to ask pop that.
Banks: I already did. He said every time is a good time!
Ha! I can hear Pop saying this exact thing!

Raleigh: Getting our new sister is the best thing ever!
Banks: No, getting baptized is.
Raleigh: No!
Banks: Well it's better than going to the toy store. Actually, the best thing is having faith in God.
If you're looking for me, I'm the melted puddle on the floor. 

Momma: Harrison, what do you want for your birthday?
Harrison: Cupcakes.
Momma: What else? Do you want presents?
Harrison: Yes
Momma: What kind of presents?
Harrison: (mumbles answer)
Momma: Penguins?
Harrison: No! Say "Pink."
Momma: Pink.
Harrison: Say "Ones."
Momma: Ones.
Harrison: Say "Pink ones."
Momma: Pink ones...? You want pink presents for your birthday?
Harrison: Yep! 
Homeboy's got a future in education, for sure. 

Harrison: If you eat too much gum-eses, you will be choked. 
Well, maybe we should focus on a little grammar ed. before we send him off to teach the youth of the world. ;)

 Thanks for the laughs, little Lus! Maybe the next Isms post won't take me 1.5 years to write. :)

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