Friday, June 2, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Hello June Edition

My GOODNESS it's been an exciting week 'round these parts. Thank you all, so, so much, for all of the texts, comments, and messages about our sweet little Bella. We absolutely adore her and are working as fast as we can to get her home, but more on that next week. 

For now, here is what we've been saying CHEERS to this week/end (aside from BELLA!!!!!!!) :  

Fripp Trip 2017. For the second year in a row, the Lu Crew hit the road the second the 2016-17 school year ended, with the same friend group in tow. This meant six adults, eight kiddos, and a whole lot of fun! Last year we traveled to Daufuskie Island for our long-weekend getaway. But. After hurricane damage limited the available housing, we decided to take our party to Fripp Island. And we LOVED it! All 14 of us piled into one awesome house (found on AirBNB). It boasted the most gorgeous sunset views over the marsh! We let the kids flip-flop rooms throughout the trip and were all worn out by the end, thanks to plenty of beach, a little pool, and lots of fun! We hit the jackpot with the most perfect beach weather and took full advantage! Here, a few of my favorite shots from the trip (and if you think this is an overload...well, it was hard to narrow it down. There are plenty more where these came from :) )

Memorial Day. We left the morning of Memorial Day to head back home. We arrived and quickly unpacked, cleaned out the car, threw in some laundry, packed a cooler, and headed out to our neighborhood pool party an hour later. Whew! But it was so fun! This pool party is always the busiest (and most fun, in my opinion) of the summer because, well, everyone is so excited to welcome in summer! Harrison got to participate in his first soda juice dive and Raleigh and Banks participated in the dives for their age groups as well. There was a water balloon war, a great dj playing fun music, and taco and snowcone food trucks! We had a great time with great friends...and then came home and (finally!) watched Moana as a family before crashing. 

School supplies. School talk already? Just for a sec, I promise. One thing I love about our elementary school is that they partner up with a company that allows us to purchase all of the required school supplies, for each kiddo, with one click of a button. Then, they are packaged and ready for us to pick them up when we go to meet the teacher just before school begins. Now, when I was little, I LOVED buying school supplies--finding the perfect binders, folders, notebooks, pencil boxes, etc. It was such a fun shopping day! BUT. At our elementary school, all of the required supplies the kids bring in are pooled together and then distributed, which means my kids don't end up with the exact supplies they bring in. So, why in the WORLD would I traipse all around the Mill searching for the supplies? Well, I don't anymore. So, our 2017-18 kindergarten and second grade school supplies were purchased earlier this week and will be waiting for us at school in August. Easy peasy. So, I am definitely saying CHEERS to that again this year!

Cookie orders. I finished my LAST cookie orders of the summer yesterday, having decided to take a couple months off to focus all my time and energy on my littles and prepare for Bella's arrival. It was a really fun order to end on (for now!), though! And it was just perfect that two of my dear friends are each hosting unicorn-themed parties this weekend and requested cookies. I just doubled the order and kept on rolling. Time consuming? Yes. But fun? Yes! And now, my oven will take a breather for a few months. HOWEVER, I AM planning to resume orders once Bella has arrived and we have all settled in to our new normal. Actually, I have a novel idea for holiday cookies that I will be presenting a little closer to the holiday season. But. It's June now, so let's just slow our roll with all this holiday talk, shall we? ;) Anywho. Here are the unicorn cookies (and oh yeah, a couple pics of some other recent orders) : 

Summer nights. Is there anything better than a summer night? Not much! Ours this week were filled with family walks, learning to blow bubble gum bubbles :), and cheering on daddy in his softball game, with at least one pool night coming this weekend. Love it!

And that's it for this week! After a full, fun last weekend, with another on the horizon, we are taking it easy this weekend: we have a couple birthday parties today/tomorrow and then my hub and I are headed out on a double date Sunday night. Other than that? Nada! And loving it!!!! Have a good one, y'all! And Happy June!

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