Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Banksisms, Part 2

Yes, the quotables continue from our little Banks. He is certainly one who keeps us on our toes, laughing all the way through toddlerhood. Some of my most favorite Banksisms from late:

Banks: "I don't feel good Mommy." 
Momma: "What's wrong?" 
Banks: "My breath stinks. I need to go to the doctor."
Momma: "Banks, would you like some broccoli?" 
Banks: "No please. I don't like broccoli 'cause I'm not a girl." 
Banks: "Hold on, Mommy. I have to get my drink of wine 'cause I'm an older kid." (then sips his 
cup of orange juice).
Momma: "Banks, what is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?" 
Banks: "I don't like dinner." 
Momma: "Why not?" 
Banks: "Because dinner makes me nervous." 

Momma: "Banks, did you mean to throw that ball at Raleigh?" 
Banks: "Oh...that was my bad." 
Banks: "We don't break the rules?" 
Momma: "No, honey, we don't break the rules." 
Banks: "Because it's glass?" 
Daddy: "Banks, don't push Raleigh." 
Banks: "I'm not. I'm just gonna knock her down." 
Keep 'em coming, little buddy. Keep 'em coming. 

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