Sunday, April 21, 2013

Right About Now

Right about now, I am...

Loving hearing my little girl's vocabulary blossom. She is starting to string together 2- and 3-word phrases and just surprises me every day with the things she picks up. Although I always say that 18 months is one of my favorite ages in early childhood development, I'd say that 15 months is a close second.

Not thrilled over the "miss priss" attitude that is also starting to emerge. Looks like toddler tantrums are on the horizon...

So excited that my little fella got his first real set of golf clubs over the weekend. Of course, I am completely, 100%, momma-biased, but I think he's a pretty good little athlete, and I can't wait to see him swinging those clubs on the course.

Thinking about taking up golf myself? Bet that line took my hub by surprise since I haven't even discussed this with him yet, but I think it'd be a fun hobby to take up and a great way to spend some family fun in the sun. We'll see...

Head over heels in love with the last book I read. I laughed. I cried. I related. I vowed to do better. I promised myself change and forgiveness and patience. I cannot wait to read it again. Immediately.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by home decorating. We have been in our home for over seven months now, and I am still so hesitant to hang things on the walls. In fact, the only wall decor in Raleigh's room, which is very minimal at this point, is bunting from her birthday party that is taped to the wall. And I have not done a single thing to our Master bedroom. I still have no idea what I want to put on the large wall over the sectional in our family room. Etc. Lots to do. Thinking of recruiting some help...

Really, really, REALLY looking forward to an upcoming girls weekend with my momma and sisters. Manis and pedis, shopping, wine drinking, and lots and lots of girl-talking. Sounds heavenly to me. I cannot wait. Less than two weeks to go!!

Clearly, we need an updated photo since I couldn't find a recent one of my mom, BOTH sisters, and me. Sorry, Jess!

Absolutely loving the Spring weather. Not only is it completely refreshing to spend each and every afternoon outside with my little loves, playing on the swingset, going on rock hunts, taking strolling picnics in our wagon, getting in some outdoor exercise, and burning off some ever-present childhood energy, but it also offers the promise of photo opportunities for my children's book.

Feeling very blessed to have found a fun, active, and supportive group of women and mommas here in my new town. In the seven months we've been here, it has been so special to not only see my little ones form new friendships, but it has been so fun, and such a pleasant surprise for me, too, to find such a great group of friends that I get to see on a weekly basis via playgroups, church, neighborhood events, teeball practice, and girls nights out. Very blessed indeed. 

Counting down the days to fun, fun, fun in the Summer sun! Our neighborhood has a really cool pool area we'll be taking FULL advantage of and my little buddy will be taking a 2-week swim lesson course just before our neighborhood pool opens. I foresee many a day being spent poolside. 

Off to take advantage of this beautiful spring weather and squeeze in a quick run...especially seeing as how bathing suit season is just around the corner! Off I go!

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