Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Banksisms, Part 6

Oh, Banks, you hilarious, entertaining, inquisitive, little boy. Thank you for keeping us on our toes, and laughing, all.the.time. (as evidenced by Banksisms Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). 

And now, the latest round. And yes, I absolutely plan to publish all these little ditties in a personalized photo book sometime in the near future. I think it'd make an entertaining coffee table book, no? 

(During bedtime prayers one night...)
Banks: "Dear God, Thank you for my family and my friends. Please let Jesus live in my heart...And please let me be a grown-up so I can touch the ceiling...Amen."
It's the little things...

Momma: "How's your lunch today, buddy?"
Banks: "So far, so good!"
Apparently, I make a mean PB&J

A rare moment of seriousness

Banks: "What are those?"
Daddy: "Those are crab legs."
Banks: "We should probably give them back to the crab."
As my cousin David said, Banks is clearly a future environmentalist. 

(After seeing Raleigh dressed up for church, a look of awe lit up Banks' face...)
Banks: "Is Raleigh a princess?!?"
I hope he always sees his sister as being so beautiful.

Banks' princess :)

Banks: "Mommy, do you like spiders?"
Momma: "No. Spiders make me nervous."
Banks: "I like spiders...when we kill them." 
Note to self: re-visit nightly prayers and bless all spiders, big and small...

Banks: "Mommy, I love your ear. That's my favorite part of your face." 
Really? I mean, really?

(Upon seeing an Eiffel Tower ornament we brought home from our trip...)
Banks: "Ooooh...is that the Awful Tower?"
Some may call it that...

(Upon seeing his new booster seat set up in the car...)

Banks: "Oh! Is that my new, brand seat?!" 

Banks: "I don't want to share today."
Momma: "Why not?"
Banks: "Because sharing's not my favorite thing to do."
At least he's honest. 

And that, my friends, is a picture of brain-freeze :) 

Oh, how I love this little boy! 


  1. hahaha! LOVE these! I did this all year last year, then put them in a book and gave it to my parents as a Christmas Present. I stopped writing them down this year because the sayings are much more random now than they used to be... still funny!!
    I need to start writing these funny little sayings down again, you will TREASURE them one day, and so will he... ;)

  2. AHHHH!! Laughing out loud SO hard at my desk! Needed this today!!!! Love him so so much!