Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springtime Playdate & Launch Party

Yesterday I hosted my first ever combo playdate/launch party. 

The playdate portion? A great excuse to have my weekly playdate group over to my home to get in some great play, play, play for the kiddos and chat, chat, chat for the mommas. I love these girls and their beautiful children. :)

The launch party portion? A great excuse to support my sister in her new venture with Rodan + Fields. 

All in all? We had a great time! 

I thought it'd be fun to loosely "theme" the playdate/party around springtime since the looooong winter season seems to have finally worn out its welcome. And I was very lucky in that the weather was bee-u-ti-ful and thus allowed for the littlest guests to burn off some never-ending energy in the backyard and enjoy a picnic lunch. 

And now, a brief photo tour of the fun morning:

First, the fun!:

Since the first part of the morning was a little chilly, the kids spent their time playing in the playroom and doing some fun springtime crafts, including:

Decorating umbrellas with stamps. This one was a hit! 

 Not as popular of a choice among the party go-ers, but still a cute idea, I think. 

 Crafting and favors all at the same time? Done! I painted these little pots with chalkboard paint and filled them with individual flowering seed bags so that the kids could decorate their own flower pot and take it home.

And of course, the food:

The menu consisted of a quickly thrown together spread including both: 

 These labels were very easily (and cheaply!) made with a little chalkboard paint

While the mommas dined on a cheese and cracker platter, cookie spread, and chips and salsa, the kids were offered more springtime treats, including

Dirt Dessert 

Bunny bites

Colorful cookies

And given the "launch party" portion of the get-together, product placement also served as bright and cheery springtime decor.

And finally, the friends:

Of course, all the precious kiddos were the real life of the party! While we were missing a few of our favorite little friends who were busy with Spring Break family activities, those in attendance still managed to have some pretty good fun.

 The big kids

 All the kids

The cousins

I think it's safe to say, it was a fun morning (right, mommas?!). I really do feel very blessed to have found some awesome momma friends in the area, and it was a pleasure to put on a little something fun for them and their kiddos while throwing a little support in my sister's corner. 

And now, I must bid you adieu (adios? hasta la vista? Seriously. I know ZERO Portuguese). 

My hub and I are taking off for our trip this Saturday, and it goes without saying, I have LOTS to do to prepare. I'm thinking of a making a visual countdown calendar (i.e., with face photos) for my little ones so that they can see which caregivers are coming to take care of them on which days and how many days it will be before Momma and Daddy come home. I am also thinking of buying little trinkets for them to open each day so that there is something exciting to look forward to each morning while we are away. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I should start packing? Like I said-lots to do!

So. As always, thanks for taking the time to read my little ol' blog. I'll be back to writing again once I am back in the States, over the jet lag, and re-acquainted with my babies. 

Adeus! (Yep. Just googled it. I *think* this is Portuguese for good-bye?). So, I say it again...


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