Sunday, August 25, 2013

Banksisms, Part 9

He's at it again, my little comedian. I just never know what's going to come out of Banks' mouth, and I must say, we tend to stay pretty entertained these days by his commentary. Without further adieu, I present Banksisms, Part 9:

(After hearing he had to eat some vegetables before being excused from the table): 
Banks: "But my tummy's full! There's no more room in there! There's lots of food in my tummy and it took up all the parkings." 
Apparently EVERYTHING is relatable to cars in my little buddy's world. 

After putting on his new sweatpants, and no shirt, Banks walks out of his room with his chest puffed out and says, "I'm sleeping like a MAN tonight!!"
No words...

Banks: "Raleigh, you can't have a guaranTEE....Daddy, isn't a guarantee a grown-up drink?"
Ha! Only in the South. And only with a little Firefly mixed in.

Banks: "Mommy, what are motorcycles with three wheels called?
Momma: "I'm not sure, honey."
Banks: "I think I'm gonna have to ask Daddy. He knows everything."
For the love. Seriously?!?

(Interrupts conversation between Momma and Daddy):
Banks: "Daddy, Daddy, Dad, Daddy, Dad, Dad, Daddy..."
Daddy: "Just a minute. You need to wait until Mommy and Daddy are finished talking."
(Proceeds to wait patiently while parent conversation continues for a few minutes)
Daddy: "Okay, Banks, now what did you need to say?"
Banks: "Can I go poop super fast?"
I guess we should have let him interrupt us this one time.

Banks: "Mommy, can I get up early today?"
Momma: "I guess so."
Banks: "Thanks, Mommy. You're on it, girl. You're a rockstar."
Love that I got to laugh so early in the morning thanks to my buddy. :)

Atta boy. I can't wait to hear what comes out of that funny mouth, next!

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