Friday, August 2, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: From Beaufort

Hey y'all! Here I am, again, linking up with Rags to Stitches for Coffee Date Friday, this time coming at you from Beaufort, South Carolina, where my stepbrother is marrying the love of his life tomorrow. So, while I am enjoying some delicious, Southern coffee, and pouring you a steaming hot cup of your preferred caffeinated beverage, here is what I would share that has been on my mind this week: 

...My hub and I just joined a co-ed kickball team for the Fall with our neighborhood friends!! Yahoo!!! Seriously, I am so excited about it. When we were young and child-free in the ATL, we played on a co-ed flag football team and loved it. We are hoping to have just as much fun with our kickball team, which HAS to be fun given that games are on Friday nights, right?! As for the team name? The last I heard, we are still undecided, although my favorite two that were being thrown around are "Alchoballics" and "I've Got 99 Problems But My Kick Ain't One." Suh-weet.

...My hub was out of town alllllllllll week. Specifically, from Monday night through late last night. And we were up and at 'em bright and early this morning to get in to Beaufort for the bridal luncheon, rehearsal, etc. Whew! Someone pour this Momma a glass o' vino...well, after my coffee, of course. ;)

...Did I mention that my little buddy will be knockin' 'em dead in his first ever gig as a ring bearer tomorrow? Oh man. I seriously cannot take the cuteness that is his ring bearer outfit. If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize in advance for the proud Momma overload. 

...As cliche as it may sound, I would share that I absolutely cannot BELIEVE that it is August. What the what? Where in the world did the summer go? Although, I will say, I am getting my first real itchin' for a cool breeze, college football, fireside s'mores, pumpkin lattes, and ever-changing leaves. 

...My hub and I are going to start volunteering in our church's children's ministry this month, and I am so excited about it! One of the reasons I pursued a career in pediatric neuropsychology is because I love spending time with children. Another reason is because I am passionate about helping others. Put the two together and throw in Jesus? Well, Hallelujah! 

...I would tell you that nothing in the whole wide world makes me happier than this:

...And finally, I would say that I hope Randy and Mariah have a beautiful wedding weekend that is all they have ever dreamed it would be. Here's to great times, great family, great friends, great laughs, and great memories. 

All that being said, I would hope that most of the conversation would focus on all things YOU. I would tell you that I love to listen, that it is one of the reasons I pursued psychology as a career after all, and I would enjoy every single second of you-dom that was so graciously shared with me. 

I would wish you the best and then hurry on my way to get ready for all the wedding weekend festivities. After all, a girl needs to freshen up for these kinds of things, right?! 

Happy weekend! And happy coffee consumption!

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