Friday, August 9, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Sippin' With the Girls

Hey there! So glad you could stop by for a delicious cup o' caffeine with me during my latest Coffee Date Friday with Rags to Stitches. And actually, I should say with us, seeing as how you may notice you are also surrounded by seven of my very best girlfriends. That's right, it's girls weekend away for this Momma, and I'll be livin' it up with my favorite girls from Clemson all weekend, clocking in some laughing, shopping, drinking, celebrating, and catching up in Asheville (yep, my second trip there in less than a month!). So. If you were joining me and my girls for coffee today, likely with a little Bailey's mixed in this time around, here's what I would share:

...I would tell you that this is my fourth weekend out of town in as many weeks. Whew! I don't know why I take the time to completely unpack the second we get home each week, seeing as how I've been washing, rinsing, repeating for the last month solid. Not that I haven't enjoyed these trips-there's nothing I love more than spending time with my family and friends-but I am also happy to report that I will be home for the next two weekends in a row! Well, until my most favorite time of the year, football season, starts. But. For the two weekends following this one, I'll happily soak in a little homebody time. 

...I would share that we had an awesome weekend celebrating my stepbrother and sister-in-law's nuptials. Everything was absolutely beautiful and every detail was perfectly executed. I could not have been prouder of my sweet little ring bearer, who walked slowly down the aisle, gently carrying his pillow, smiling at all the guests, and craning his neck to find a familiar face. And yes, my eyes totally welled up as I watched him walking down the aisle. He then sat quietly and patiently through a Catholic wedding service before proudly making his way back up to the altar for his trip back down the aisle. And then. The best part? He was given a PRECIOUS personalized harmonica for his ring bearer gift, which he proceeded to jam on and dance with at the reception for approximately 4.5 hours straight. It was an adorable sight to see. 

...I would also tell you that my sweet girl, Raleigh, and my adorable niece, Cameron, looked too-cute-for-words in their Goat & Lulu finest at the rehearsal dinner. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ruffles is my middle name. Throw that on the tiny hineys of two bffs? Well, you can imagine how big my smile was every time I came across this scene: 

...I would admit that I have been fast asleep, tucked warmly in my bed, well before 9:30 two nights this week. I don't know if it's the stomach bug my girl and I have been battling, or my aging-by-the-minute-body that just can't throw down like it used to, but I have been tiiiired this week. Luckily, I'm feeling much more back on my game. Just in time for the weekend-ha!

...I would tell you that while I am soaking up time with my girls this weekend, my little buddy will be soaking up time with his Nana, Pop, and cousins (while my hub and my girl have a special Daddy-Daughter weekend). I'm pretty sure I've made it known how very, very blessed I feel to have the best in-laws parents in the world. From the time we arrive for visits in Aiken until the second we leave, you can be sure our Nana will be pitching baseballs, reading books, pushing swings, putting together puzzles, racing cars, preparing snacks, and snuggling with her grand babies, all the while our Pop is ensuring a delicious meal is in the works for all to enjoy. Needless to say, Banks was ecstatic when we told him about his big plans this weekend. As always, I'm sure there will be tears when it's time to leave Nana and Pop's and return to stinkin' ol' home. :) 

...Finally, I would share that I am so very grateful to YOU for taking the time to read my little ol' blog. It really means so much to me. I would also remind you how much I love hearing about YOU. I would try to block out all the Asheville background noise that comes along with a house full of loud, vibrant, vivacious women and focus on all things you while you filled me in on the latest and greatest in your life. 

And with that, I would give you a big hug and wish you a beautiful, fun-filled weekend before returning to my girls weekend away. Until next time!


  1. Have a fun, fun, fun weekend! Tell the ladies I said hello!

  2. You sure have been busy!!
    And I don't even have to tell you how amazing Asheville is.
    Going to bed early isn't such a bad thing ;) Most nights, it's all I can do to stay up later after Hailee goes to bed.

    1. Yes, early bedtimes are all the rage these days. :) I cannot imagine working the nurse nightshift like you do now, I would need toothpicks for my eyelids!, but am certain that must be a really amazing and unique experience.