Saturday, June 28, 2014

Banksisms and Raleigh's Ramblings, Part 14

It's been awhile since my last post like this. So. I have quite a few funnies to share from my oldest kiddos. Maybe others think these are as cute and funny as I do. Maybe not. But at least these little sayings and instances are documented here so I will never forget the hilarious innocence that escaped their lips at the precious ages of 4 and 2...

Banks: "Mommy, do giants think houses are their anthills?"
He knocked my socks off with this one. I mean, our houses ARE anthills to giants, right? Right.

Banks: "Do you want to hear my song?"
Momma: "Sure!"
Banks: "Either 'Hot Wheel,' 'I'll See You Tonight,' or 'A Little Bit of Concentrate.'"
Momma: "Oh, definitely 'A Little Bit of Concentrate.'"
(He then proceeds to sing a made-up song about just that.)
I mean, how could I not choose "A Little Bit of Concentrate"? And it was good, I tell ya. Good. And also? So random, those song titles. So random.

Banks: "Mom, I love the baby you picked out. Love him."
Such a sweet, proud big brother. 

Raleigh puts some Playdoh in her right hand, closes her first tightly around it, raises her hand towards me (while leaving her left hand down by her side), and asks, "Which hand do you think it's in?" She was SO excited I got it right. 
Whew! And to think, I was thisclose to choosing the left hand. ;)

Banks: "Mommy, it would be funny if my hiney was in the front of me and my penis was in the back."
How do I even respond to this?!

Banks: "Are you so excited we're going to heaven?!"
Momma: "Yeah. Are you?"
Banks: "Yeah!"
Momma: "Why?"
Banks: "Because then we'll be taller than everyone!"
At least he's not competitive. ;)

Daddy: "I'm going to Miami."
Banks: "Where is your Ami?"

Daddy: "Homey don't play dat."
Banks: "Okay! I won't play that."
So literal. 

Banks: "Daddy, Raleigh is smelling your shoes."
Umm...?? Things you never expect to hear...

Banks: "Is she a photockoler?"
And by photockoler, he clearly means photographer. 

"Do you want to use my han-itizer?"

And by han-itizer, he clearly means hand sanitizer. 

(After being given lollipops at an OB/GYN appointment Banks and Raleigh accompanied me to):
Banks: "Will this keep us busy so we won't interrupt you?"
Yep. Exactly.

Banks: "Raleigh has 100 muscles, but I have 105; so, I'm stronger."
Raleigh: "I have 106."
Did I mention it's a good thing my children aren't competitive?

(Momma's pen stopped working while writing...)
Raleigh: "This pen is disgusting!"
I mean, I think that's a smidge harsh, but whatev.

(Banks, after picking out two new toys at the toy store...)
Banks: "Those are the best choices I ever choiced."
True dat, little buddy.

Raleigh: (to Banks) "I love you better than chocolate!"
Just about the biggest compliment she can give. 

Oh, these sweet, sweet babies of mine. I love them better than chocolate. And coffee. And wine. And that's a lot. 

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  1. Hahaha! These had me rolling. Love, love, love your kiddos. :) Can't wait to hear what comes out of Harrison's mouth!