Sunday, June 15, 2014

There's the Dad

...who stands beside me as we do this Life thing together. Who works extremely hard to provide for our family but knows how incredibly important it is to put work aside and spend time with his children every single day. Who is exactly the man I want my two sons to be like when they grow up: one with a Godly heart, generous spirit, and kind and loving nature. One who knows not to take life too seriously but who also recognizes the importance of supporting family and friends when the tides turn. One who is as loyal as they come. One who makes me a better momma just by seeing the amazing parent that he is. One who is, for so many reasons, the best Daddy I have ever known. 

...who values nothing in life more than his family. Who is a steadfast, present, involved, and loving man who took on the role of dad to four children, in addition to his own two, when marrying the love of his life almost 13 years ago. Who is man enough to show emotion and never hesitates to say, "I love you." 

...who will bend over backwards, forwards, and sideways to support his children. Who knows the value of both true, lifelong friendship and the binding love of a family. Who loves his wife and sons and daughters and grandchildren even more than fishing (which is a lot!) and is the purest example of patriotism, sacrifice, and bravery.

...who learned to become the best kind of daddy there is even after losing his own at a young age: one who is proud and patient and involved and adoring. Who loves his wife and his daughter with all he's got and isn't afraid to show it. Who is knocking this daddy gig out of the park. 

Happy Father's Day to my favorite Dads.

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