Friday, June 20, 2014

Five On Friday: Girls (Hometown) Weekend Edition

Hi you guys! Back again for another "Five on Friday" link up, where I share five random bits of goodies from my week. 

We had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating my hub for Father's Day. My hub spent Saturday afternoon on the golf course with 15 other guys playing in a little self-organized tourney. They then met all us wifeys and our kiddos at the pool, where we had drinks, apps, and pizza for dinner (except for me. I had wings. More on that in a bit...). It was a really fun evening and we stayed until well after kiddo bedtime having fun with friends of all ages. On Sunday, we spent the day with just our little family of five, starting off with giving my hub his presents. Of the gifts we give my hub for Father's Day, there are two that we do every year: One is an "All About My Dad" survey. I've been having Banks answer the same questions since he was 2, and it is hilarious to see how his answers change each year. This time around, Raleigh was old enough to provide her own responses, too. Priceless. :) Second is a D-A-D photo of the kids. I started this with my hub's first official Father Day, when Banks was just 8 months old, and again, it is so fun to see how the pictures have changed every year as our family has grown and the kids have gotten older. 

Anywho, when asked what he wanted to do for Father's Day, my hub decided he wanted the day to consist of whatever our kids wanted to do. Yes, I am totally serious. He's a sweet one, that hub of mine. First up, a Bojangles breakfast followed by a trip to the toy store. Next up, Jersey Mike's subs for lunch and then naps for all (okay, so we parents insisted on the nap part) before finally heading to the pool for wings and swimming to close out the day. I think it made my hub happy to see the kids so happy, and we had an awesome day together. In fact, I'm sure our kiddos will look forward to Father's Day year-'round if my hub insists on the same "whatever they want to do" mentality each year. :) 

We've gotten a few answers of what's been going on with my sweet Harrison's poor tummy since my last "Five on Friday" post. I took him to a GI specialist down at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte last Friday. First of all, the care we received there was phenomenal. Every staff member. Every nurse. Every doctor. Just outstanding. Second of all, we learned that Harrison does, indeed, have reflux, as suspected. We decided to keep him on his current medication regimen of Prevacid since he had just started it a few days prior to the appointment and it usually takes at least a week to really "kick in." We also decided to start him on some infant probiotic drops. Luckily, I had already ordered some a few days before the appointment (and BTW, these things are pricey!) and they came in at the beginning of this week. Unfortunately, we also discovered that he has a protein allergy. This means a dairy- and soy-free diet for this breastfeeding momma. Y'all. I had no idea that dairy and soy are in EVERYTHING. Okay, that's a bit dramatic. But they are in a LOT of things. Including the pre-made meals I was banking on "cooking" for many-a-dinner over the next couple of months, especially when my hub travels or it's been a particularly long day. I'm not gonna lie: I fully intend to still "cook" those Stouffer's meals for my family. Meanwhile, I'll be off in a corner drooling and eating my Oatmeal Squares cereal with almond milk. In all seriousness, I've had SO many wonderful friends contact me with recipes, websites, food products, etc., that fit my new diet. And if it means being able to continue breastfeeding my son while fixing his tummy troubles, well, I won't even think twice about it. Not to mention, my two dietary staples, caffeine and wine, are still a-okay. ;) 

Speaking of my littlest guy, I realized I never shared his birth announcement here. I absolutely loved how it turned out, with the beautiful photos taken by one of my Fort Mill besties, Volree of Volree Wade Photography


It was a hot, hot, HOT week here in the Mill. We're talking temps in the mid- to upper 90's all week. Yikes! I mean, I love the summer, but yeesh. With my hub traveling three full days/nights this week, I opted out of taking all three kiddos to the pool. It'll be nice when Harrison is old enough to get in the water (it's still not advised since he isn't yet two months and hasn't had any immunizations yet), but this week, with my hub gone, I didn't want him to have to stay poolside, without actually getting in, and burn up. So, we capitalized on the slightly "cooler" temps in the mornings, getting out for daily walks and outdoor play. 

One thing we love to do is seasonal scavenger hunts. I simply draw pictures of things for the kids to look for during our walks and then they get to oh-so-proudly check those items off when they spy them. Fun for all ages!


I am so, so excited that one of my very best friends is coming to stay for the weekend! Months and months ago, the two of us realized we'd have to miss out on a girls beach trip (happening this weekend!) with four of our other best friends since I would have a newborn and she also has a young child (as well as a precious toddler). Well, that didn't mean we had to miss out on the fun--we decided to have our own mini Girls Weekend! So, she is headed to my home for the weekend (which is actually in the town she grew up in!) with her youngest son in tow. And even though my hub and all three kiddos will also be home, we have full intentions of living it up with our own happy hours and girl time. I can't WAIT!!!!

So, here's to a weekend of good times with great friends, happy tummies, full hearts, and plenty of adult bevs. Cheers!

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  1. Love the birth announcement & the scavenger hunt idea it a great one!