Friday, June 13, 2014

Five On Friday: Glass Half Full Edition

Whew. It has been a *challenging* week for me. It has nothing to do with being a Momma of three. It has everything to do with being a Momma of three when one of my babies just isn't well. We just cannot figure out what is going on with my sweet Harrison's tummy. We are on our second reflux med, neither of which has completely solved the problem. I've been to the pediatrician three times in less than two weeks, and we finally decided that he needed to be seen by a GI specialist to ensure there's not a physical issue causing his pain. We don't think there is. But. It's important to rule it out. So, we'll be headed to that appointment this morning. 

I've told my hub a few times how much I'm loving being a Momma of three. I love the chaos and the busy-ness and the multi-multitasking. And I completely think I can manage it, even when my hub travels. But. What makes it hard right now is that one of my babies needs a lot of extra attention because he just doesn't feel well. And it breaks my heart to see him in pain. Throw into the mix that my hub traveled three full days, and one night, this week, and well, it's been a tough one. 

But. I am a glass-half-full kind of Momma. So. For this "Five on Friday," I've decided to focus on my five favorite moments from this week. Here we go!

I love that my little (big) buddy's current favorite saying is, "Holy Smokes!" It's like I am transported back to the '50s every time he says it. It just sounds so sweet and innocent, and I love it. I also love that he has had an absolute BLAST at summer camp this week. My neighborhood hosts camps for kids of all ages all throughout the summer, and this week (as well as another week in July), was the camp for his age bracket. Every day, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, he went to camp with old friends and new and got to play tennis and soccer, swim, complete arts and crafts, be visited by animals from a petting zoo, play games, participate in themed activities each day, etc. He has had the best time!

My little girl is such a precious little momma. Not only does she nearly burst with excitement when I let her help give her baby brother a bottle or assist in his bath, but she loves to sit beside me when I'm nursing him or playing with him and do the same with her babies. It is just the sweetest thing and makes my heart smile. 

Knowing I am surrounded by people who offer their love and support when things get a little *tricky* around here: bringing dinner (and margaritas!) and offering to take my big boy to camp and drop him off, when this Momma needs a little help, well, it's awesome. It is just so reassuring and refreshing knowing the kind of people I am lucky enough to have in my life. You know who you are, and I say THANK YOU again and again and again. 

Despite being in pain much of the day thanks to these stinkin' ol' tummy issues, my sweet, sweet baby boy just loves to smile and "talk" to me during those moments he's feeling well. His grin is infectious and he'll even offer up a giggle or two on the rare occasion, and it is just so good for my soul to see him feeling so happy, despite his discomfort. He has stolen what was left of my heart, and it's definitely his for keeps. 

Okay, so this hasn't happened yet, but it will this weekend: The fact that we'll be celebrating my hub the next few days makes my heart happy. After helping to host a baby shower for one of my awesome girlfriends tomorrow morning, the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to my hub. We have big plans for he and a bunch of his friends to play in their own self-organized Father's Day golf tournament on Saturday afternoon before they meet all us mommas and our kiddos at the pool for drinks, appetizers, dinner, and swimming. Sunday will be spent with just our little family of five, doing anything and everything my hub wants to do, including receiving a few special little gifts I have up my sleeve. 

So. Despite the *tough* week, these moments still made it a good one. But. I will say, without hesitation, TGIF! And hurry home, hub! 

Y'all have a good one (and please say a prayer for my Harrison if you have a minute this morning)! 

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