Friday, October 31, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Happy Halloween Edition

A HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you on this beautiful Fall Friday! Were we to meet for coffee today, I'd suggest we actually switch our beverage of choice to a spiced apple cider, this being Halloween and all. After catching up on all things YOU, my friend, I would share the following about me, my week, and my comings and goings: 

...that, first things first, my trio's 2014 Halloween costumes:

This poor little lobster better scuttle along before he's cooked up by my two favorite chefs. ;)

...that, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we have a busy day today, including a playdate for Raleigh with two of her girlfriends while Banks is in school this morning, pre-trick-or-treating dinner and drinks with neighborhood friends, an evening of trick-or-treating (duh!), and a fun way to cap off the day: my hub and I are hosting a bunch of friends and their kiddos for some post-trick-or-treating bevs and fireside s'mores. Should be a blast!

...that, aside from what's in store for today, we also had a full week o' Halloween fun, including three school Halloween parties, our annual evening hayride around the 'hood to check out all the house decorations, as well as a full-on neighborhood Halloween party last weekend, that included a kids' costume parade, chili cook-off, pumpkin bake-off, adult bevs, and lots of fun Halloween Hoedown-themed games for the kiddos to play. Too.Much.Fun.! 

Scenes from our 'hood Halloween Hoedown last weekend

Scene from our neighborhood Creepy Crawl last night

...that I MUST give a shout-out to Harris Teeter. I use their online shopping every single week for my groceries. This deserves a shout-out in and of itself, as it prevents me from having to traipse up and down the grocery aisles while entertaining a kiddo or three. It's more than worth the $5 charge to be able to place my order online, choose my pick-up time, and then stay in my car to pay and have the groceries loaded. Not to mention, the online ordering program saves all my previous orders, which saves LOTS of time when placing new orders. Anywho. Still, this is not what is deserving of the shout-out I speak of. Nope, the shout-out is because last Sunday, we went to Harris Teeter straight from church to pick-up my grocery order at our pre-determined time. Well, unfortunately, a mistake was made and some of our groceries were given to a different family. Not only did the store manager come out to our car and profusely apologize, he saw our car full of three kiddos, and the Zaxby's lunch that we had just picked up, and insisted on paying our lunch tab since it would take a few extra minutes to re-gather our groceries. Seriously? Their customer service is just phenomenal. Team Teeter all the way, right here folks.

...that last Sunday, Clay and I were finally able to resume volunteering in the church nursery again. This time, we had a 4-year-old room, and it was really fun to not only read them a Bible story and create a craft that went with it, but also to watch as the kids learned the story of Esther through role play in our church's amazing "Art Studio." It only reinforced how much we enjoy our church and especially love the amazing children's program our kiddos get to live and breathe each Sunday.

...that you can't teach Sassy.


...that I want to share my sincerest gratitude for so many wonderful family and friends of my hub and mine, who have not only donated to our favorite yearly cause, one that is so dear to our hearts, but who have also taken the time to share the link to our donation and even stopped by and bought cupcakes from my kiddos in their efforts to raise money. Thank you, truly. My hub and I very readily recognize how blessed we are to have such supportive people in our lives, and we love you all. And also? If you haven't donated, but have even $5 to spare, please take a moment and consider giving to the LW Rutland Thanksgiving Food Drive, which will feed over 80 families in need this Thanksgiving season. <3

...that there have been EIGHT doctor appointments for our little family over the last 2.5 weeks, and that FIVE of those appointments were mine: three with an ENT, one with a family doctor (I got my first full physical since, oh I don't know, high school?!), and one for a CT scan. My hub also had a physical, while Banks and Harrison each had well-checks (5 years and 6 months, respectively) and Raleigh tagged along and got her flu mist. Whew! Here's hoping we don't see another doc again anytime soon, although it looks like I may have to start having weekly allergy shots. Yuck! Better than sinus surgery, though, so I'll take it!

...that my sister will have a new baby by this time next week, officially closing out the "year of the cousins" (aka the year all three of my biological siblings and I each welcomed a baby). This baby is an answered prayer, one who brings hope and peace and joy. One who is SO loved already. I cannot wait to hear news of the baby's arrival and then snuggle this baby as soon as I possibly can!! Oh, and also find out if it's a niece or a nephew. Come on, "Rocky." We're ready and waiting for you!!!

And with that, I'd wish you an awesome Halloween before letting the fun roll on in. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I always wish I lived in your neighborhood this time of year! And yes, Rocky, we're ready - as long as it's after I take CK trick-or-treating tonight! :) xo