Friday, October 3, 2014

Five On Friday: Parents on the Loose! Edition

I have just felt so worn out lately!! So. Needless to say, I am very happy to see the weekend arrive. And this one? Well, it looks to be a good in, look out, parents are kid-free and on the loose! So, before I hit the road, here's my Five for this Friday:

In case it wasn't obvious by the amount I mentioned it over the last few weeks, my first born, my buddy, my sunshine, my Banks, turned 5 on Monday! We had a great time last weekend ringing in the big 0-5, including a Momma date that started with breakfast and ended with a haircut, a (last minute!) family trip to the Clemson game (yep! We all went despite the 7:00 pm game time!)...

...not to mention a visit from Bammy, and a special day doing anything and everything Banks wanted on his actual birthday. We kept him home from school so we could spoil him all day (driving his new Fisher Price dune buggy! Board games! Playdoh! Halloween crafts! Ice cream for lunch! No naps! New movie!) and ended the day by celebrating our big guy with cake and birthday singing at our LifeGroup. 


All in all, I think it was a pretty awesome celebration for our Banks: 

Raleigh, Harrison, and I have been having a jolly good time with our weekly playdate group lately. This week, we headed to Hall Family Farm, one of my favorite places to visit once the leaves start changing and the temperatures start dropping. Think pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayrides, fresh jellies/jams/breads/funnel cakes (yes! funnel cakes!), a real firetruck with a built-on pipe slide, and TONS of toys for the kiddos to play with. And did I mention most of it is free?!? Amazing! Although the temps weren't quite as Fall-errific as I would have liked, we still had a great time with our friends. 

Speaking of Raleigh (again), her class hosted "Donuts for Dad" yesterday. And y'all, my sweet, sweet hubby decided it was very important to him that he be there, despite being in California on business this week. So. He booked a red-eye flight just so that he could get back in time to attend "Donuts for Dad" with his daughter. What an awesome daddy. Man, my kiddos are lucky. <3 

And Raleigh also had her first ever school pictures yesterday. What a big day for our little girl!

This little boy. I adoooooore him. That is all.

My hub and I are headed out for the weekend!! As soon as the 2014 Clemson football schedule was released, a group of my BFFs and I quickly selected a weekend date for us to bring the hubbies but leave the kiddos behind as we re-lived our ol' glory days. This means, there will be six couples, no kids, and a rockin' Tiger Town this weekend. Woot! Go Tigers! And see you in a couple hours, ladies!!! 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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