Friday, October 10, 2014

Five On Friday: Finally! Edition

This Friday has been a looooong time coming, and I am so excited it's here for one very important reason...stay tuned...(cliffhanger). But. First, the first Four of my Five on this festive Fall Friday (#alliterationallstar):

Earlier this week, Harrison and I accompanied Raleigh and her classmates on her first ever field trip. We visited our local greenway, which is the same place that hosts our town's weekend Fall Frolic I mentioned in my last post. We had so much fun learning about corn, reptiles and mammals, going on a tractor ride, picking a new pumpkin from the patch, and going through hay and corn mazes. It was so precious to see all the kiddos in their field trip tees and meet their mommas as well as spend some more time with Raleigh's sweet teachers. We had an absolute blast, and Harrison was a dream the entire morning!

Speaking of field trips, Raleigh, Harrison, and I will be joining Banks on his first field trip of the year this morning! We are headed to  the Bush-n-Vine farm, where I am told we will tour the farm, learn about beavers, observe a working beehive, and tour the pumpkin patch. Sounds random but fun. Ha! What a special week for my little students. :) 

The other day, Harrison and I were playing in the playroom while his big brother and sister napped. One minute, he was doing this: 

The next minute, he did this:

Yep--he popped up on all fours! Say whaaaaaaat?!? I immediately gave him a talking-to about how I am not ready for him to grow up and am certainly not ready for him to get any mobility ideas in his head. Slow down, my precious boy. Slow. Down.

My hub was gone from early Tuesday morning until late last night. So. While I am a leeeetle tired today, the kiddos and I still managed to squeeze in lots of fun together this week. Two of my favorite moments? Painting pumpkins and enjoying some scrumptious local pumpkin ice cream at the farm stand right outside our 'hood. And yes, it's as good as it sounds. 

So. The reason this Friday has been a long time coming? Because I finally get to spend an entire weekend with my beautiful, absolutely perfect new niece, Skylar. Although I was so lucky to be able to be at the hospital the day she was born, and hold her within hours of her birth, I haven't been able to see her since then, and she is over 2 months old. 

It has been killing me to be away from her. So. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be snuggling her all weekend!! While my hub and Banks will be headed to Clemson with my brother to cheer on our beloved Tigers, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece as well as Raleigh, Harrison, and I will be football watchin', baby holdin', and Fall fun havin' here in the Mill. My little fam will close out the weekend by having some delicious, homemade gumbo with neighborhood friends Sunday evening. Sounds pretty much like a dream weekend to me! 

Hope yours is equally as dreamy! Have a great one, Go Tigers!, and see you next week. Oh, and HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to my precious niece, Cameron. We love you so!!! <3

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