Friday, October 24, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Re-Caffeinated Edition

Hi friend! So glad you're joining me on this beautiful morning. We've continued to have beautiful Fall weather this week, so were you to stop by for a cup o' caffeinated cuisine, I would suggest that we each grab a quilt and sit on my porch to enjoy the cool breeze and glory that is the changing leaves. I would also be oh-so-happy to be having coffee with you today, as I had to go caffeine-less up until yesterday while waiting to undergo allergy testing. And actually, I have a CT scan of my head scheduled in a couple of hours. So. We'd just have to enjoy one quick cup together this morning. [Side note: No worries. I'm just trying to get some sinus issues figured out, and we're trying to determine whether meds or surgery are the best bet while simultaneously making sure there isn't something scary lurking in this ol' noggin of mine. ;) ]. 

Regardless, I would first check in on YOU, asking about the latest and greatest in your world. I would then share the following about my re-caffeinated self:

...that I must first give a shout out to my hub, who watched five kids all by himself last Sunday so that my girlfriend and I could go to our hip-hop workout class. And we're not talking throw the kids in front of the TV kind of parenting/babysitting. We're talking let them run around outside to their hearts desire and wipe 4 out of 5 hineys along the way. High 5 for him!

...that this week was a doozy and it is VERY clear that I am addicted to caffeine. I mean, really addicted. But honestly? It's just not something I'm willing to give up at this point in my life. Maybe one day. But. Not today. Anywho, with my hub gone the first half of the week, my littlest guy going through some teething/separation anxiety/crawling frustration issues, and me caffeine-less (and chocolate-less), it made for several looooooong days, especially since Raleigh decided to suddenly start crying in the middle of the night, every night this week, for no reason. Whew! Needless to say, I was pooped at the end of each day and asleep BEFORE 9 pm two nights!

Look at that 'tude

...that we have been busy checking things off our Fall Bucket List the last few weeks. Although I'll share more about our Autumn Adventures in another post, I can say that we had a glorious picnic dinner at our local greenway earlier this week, and it was just lovely!

...that Banks was SO excited because his class had a "tailgate" party at school yesterday. Each student was allowed to wear their favorite team's jersey and they had a full-on tailgate spread for snack time. How cute is that? You can bet your bottom dollar he asked me every day this week if it was jersey day yet. Ha! And also? How sweet are these 2014 school pics?! 

...that we are in the midst of raising money for a very worthy cause, one that is so close to my heart, the 8th Annual L.W. Rutland Thanksgiving Food Drive. Every year, after we raise the money, we travel to Aiken, South Carolina, to organize and hand-distribute the meals to the families in need. This is always very special, as it allows us grown-ups to bring our children so that they can help with the efforts while seeing how important it is to help others and give back. Well, this year, I wanted to take it a step further with my kids and have them help with the fundraising efforts as well. Enter our cupcake sale! Last night, we set up a little cupcake stand at the entrance of our neighborhood at 5:00 pm, just in time for all the men and women who were heading home from work to stop and grab a cupcake, with all proceeds going toward the Thanksgiving Food Drive. Success!! And an evening I won't soon forget: 

...that every single day, I make it a point to sneak in solo momma time with each of my babies. Some days it's more time than others, but always, every day, time with each of them. Honestly, I think it's as good for them as it is for me. So I hush that ever-talking to-do list echoing through my head, keep my tired eyes propped open, and focus on each of them, individually. The payoff is divine and I never regret these moments:

...that tomorrow is a busy day for our little party o' five. After I attend a baby shower for one of my Life Group girls, our family will be headed out to throw down at our neighborhood Halloween party! It is always so fun, with a costume parade for the littles, a chili cook-off, games, treats, live music, adult bevs, and more (If you follow me on Instagram, be on the look out for our big costume reveal). ;)  We'll then conclude our day by cheering on the Clemson Tigers from the comfort of our couch and resting up so we'll be all ready and set to manage a room full of 4-year-olds in the church nursery the following morning. Yahoo! Let the par-tay begin!

And with that, it'd be time for me to head out for my appointment. Please say a little prayer, if you could spare a minute, that all looks well and the treatment is an easy fix. See you next week with an update and a fresh cup o' joe!

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