Friday, March 6, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Hello, March! Edition

Hi, Hello, and How do you do? (Sisters of mine, do you remember our answering machine message that we made up that started like this back in the early 90s?? Ha!).


Welcome to Coffee Date Friday, where we indulge in (virtual) caffeinated cuisine and share (virtual) conversation about our comings and goings from the week. Can I be totally honest? The primary reason I write this post is because I know it will be so fun to look back at all these Friday posts, years from now, and see what my little family was up to. So. Please forgive my selfishness. I also really do love my people, YOU people, who support me and follow along as we make our way through this chapter of life. That being said, I'd want to first hear what's going on with YOU. Each and every detail. Whatcha got? Spill those beans!

I would then share...

...that WE GOT TO PLAY OUTSIDE this week. In the sun. In the warmth. In the (hint of) Spring. Oh man. It was so awesome. If it isn't clear yet, our little family is an active one. We thrive on being outdoors. On running and playing and exercising and sport-ing and soaking up Vitamin D. Not to mention, I think winter is a TOUGH time to be a stay-at-home momma. You are trapped. Indoors. All the time. Now, this is fun for awhile. But by March February January? By that point, we are ready to BUST outdoors. And play, play, play. We got our first glimpse of what the next two seasons will hold for us, earlier this week. And it was GLORIOUS. Bring on the sunshine and warmer temps. We are ready. 

Alas, yesterday and today brought colder temps. So. We got creative and tried to make our fourth month of indoor play fun. Luckily, warmer temps are a'comin' over the next week. Yahoo! If you need us, we'll be outside for the next seven months. :)

  ...that first birthday prep is underway. The theme has been selected. The to-do list has been generated. But also, I must ask: How in the world am I planning my last baby's 1st birthday? Siiiiiiiigh. I'm not ready. But time doesn't slow down. So. I better get to prepping. 

...that this week was supposed to start our 2015 teeball season. Both Banks and Raleigh are playing this year! Banks is now old enough for coach's pitch (!!) which also means weekday practices. But. The yucky, rainy weather on Tuesday meant cancelled practice. So. We wait 'til next week. And Raleigh is all set for her first ever season of teeball (!!), although she doesn't start for another couple weeks. Whew! And so begins the mutli-extra-curricular life of practices, games, and life in between. Regardless, we are so excited that Banks and Rals both have friends on their teams. So. I'm thinking some Saturday game tailgates will be in order. :) 

...that this is what played out on my Instagram feed on Tuesday. While my hub was traveling: 

Tuesday morning: "I can feel God here, in the stillness of a nursery illuminated by a single lamp and filled with quiet as I nurse my baby. No matter what the rest of the day holds--the busy-ness, the crazy, the chaos, the tired--this moment right here was heaven sent.

Tuesday afternoon: Remember that still, quiet, Godly moment I so appreciated this morning? We just spent the last 2 hours in the Goodyear waiting room after I gashed a tire on the way to school pick-up. Those 120 minutes were not heaven sent. 

Hahaha! True dat.

...that my older two kiddos are each registered for two fun summer camps each, and they are SO excited: one they will do together; then, each of them will have their own special camp centered around their individual interests (Science! Dance! Hooray!). They are excited, and I am excited for them!

...that, if YOU haven't already, don't forget to order your Jellycat Bunny through Peekawhoo TODAY,  as the special code I gave you in my last post (LL15) ends this weekend. Again, I get no compensation for this offer. I just think they're adorable and think you will, too! 

And with that, I'd wish you a fun-filled weekend! My little trio and I are headed to a school field trip this morning. Other than that, plus a little Pure Barre sweating, kids consignment shopping, and birthday party-attending, we'll be hanging low, soaking up the sun, and welcoming Spring with open arms. Have a great one!

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