Friday, March 20, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Registration Edition

Can I get a big, fat fist bump that it's Friday? 'Cause shooooey, am I glad to see the weekend. Even though my hub is gone until Sunday, I am so lucky to have had my momma "in law" here yesterday, today, and tomorrow, as well as my momma here for the weekend, to help me out with my trio. And good thing, 'cause we have a day of teeball game-ing, birthday partying, and Pure Barre sweating coming our way tomorrow, in addition to soaking up lots of beautiful sunshine. Whew! I know I'm ready. So is this girl:

That being said, during our coffee today, I would want to hear about how YOU manage things when your hub is away for extended periods of time. Can I get an Amen that sometimes it truly feels as though it takes a village? Anywho, I'd also want to hear about your plans for the weekend and whether you'd be spending any time outdoors? Anything else new with you? Here's what's been up with my little fam and me since our last coffee date:

...that last Friday my girl started back to gymnastics after taking a year (wow! that went by fast!) off. You see, until she turned 3, the only gymnastics classes available were the momma and me classes, which were great fun, until I was 7 months pregnant and trying to lift her 95th percentile frame up onto beams and bars. And then, our Harrison entered the world, which meant I still couldn't lift that little frame since I always had our littlest guy in tow. But now? Now she's 3, and she has aged into the momma-free class. We were referred to an awesome gym that we tried out last Friday morning, and she LOVED it! I was so proud of my girl. It usually takes her awhile to warm up, and while she was a little shy the first 10 minutes or so, she walked right into the huge, colorful, amazing gym with her new coach and did so great! So, if you need us Friday mornings from here on out, we'll be at Gym Fit, me smiling from ear to ear from behind the large observation window and her, gingerly crossing the beam and flipping over the uneven bars. :)  

...that Banks and Raleigh both have their first teeball games of the season tomorrow. After a few team practices for Banks, and lots of hitting/throwing/catching practices with Daddy for both in the backyard, I think both my lil' athletes are ready to hit the field! Go Knights! Go Riverdogs!

...that, as I blogged about before, my little Harrison was hired by Buy Buy Baby to shoot an ad for a diaper changing pad. He did great at his photo shoot (which was almost 5 months ago!), and last week, I spotted a very familiar face on the Buy Buy Baby website! I mean, I could just bite into those sweet thighs. I've only seen the photo on the website catalog so far, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be looking for his sweet smile in every circular that comes in the mail in 2015. 

 ...that one of my awesome sisters brightened my day the other day when she sent me the sweetest surprise in the mail. Cupcake in a jar? Never gets old. Cupcake with Guinness just in time for St. Patty's Day while my hub is away? Definitely never gets old.

...that last, but certainly not least, I registered my first baby, the one who made me a momma, for kindergarten yesterday. There may or may not have been tears (mine not his). How in the world am I going to send him off to elementary school in just a few short months? I am so very thankful my Banks has a September birthday, as it has allowed us an extra year together before he enters formal schooling. But. You know what? I'm still not ready. But he is. And he is so, so excited. I am so very proud of my kind-hearted, smart, energetic, caring, inquisitive, insightful little boy. I know I am going to have to let go so I can watch him soar. But. I am so thankful I have a whole summer with him to look forward to first.

And with that, I would wish you a warm, sunny, happy weekend, filled with the ones you love doing things you love. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

P.S. MARCH MADNESS: I am currently in first place in both of my bracket pools! Update on my status coming next week, as the tourney continues. Come on, boys. Momma wants to bring home the bacon! 


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